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Blood Road


The Story:  It is County Road 700 just off the Eaton Pike outside of Dunkirk , Indiana, a small town north of Muncie.  The story is that a farmer and his young son used to ride up to the fields and the woods to do work, and the young boy would always jump out of the back of the truck when it was going down the road.  So one day the farmer got tired of it and put a chain around the boys waist and hooked it to the truck to keep him from jumping out.  While on their way home from the fields the farmer hit a large bump in the road, a bump that is still there to this day, and the boy fell out.  The unknowing farmer kept on driving and drug his son all the way back to their house, which is over 2 miles away, behind the truck.  If you drive down the road heading west you can not see anything, but if you turn around at the next crossroad and head back east, after you go over the bump, you will see a trail of blood on the road from where the boy was drug behind the truck.  Also the house where they lived is reported to be very haunted, because the story says that the farmer was so disturbed by what he had done that he buried the boy's remains in the basement of the house.

Location: Dunkirk, Indiana


Its the sixth time I've been there and every time its worked. And then on the way home we went back and stopped our car. Supposedly you can here the son yelling "daddy" but we didn't hear anything either time.  The part about seeing it going one and not seeing it going the other is true too. That's the weirdest thing about it. I know some people that have stopped at the house before and people still live there. I also no a person that poured purple paint on top of the red paint. When they can back an hour later the red was coming through the purple. I just thought that I would confirm that blood road is real.


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