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Augsburg Cemetery


The Story: There isn't a story to this cemetery.  We just wanted to go check out a local cemetery.

Location: The Southeast corner of Mineral Springs Road and Beam Street in Porter, Indiana.

Directions: Take Highway 20 to Mineral Springs Road and turn South.  Follow Mineral Springs Road for about half a mile and you will come to a four way stop.  That road should be Beam Street.  Continue South and you will see the cemetery right after the stop sign on the East side of the road.

We visited Augsburg Cemetery on May 23, 2003.  It was about 9:30 pm when we arrived.  The sky was partly cloudy and the temperature was around 50.  We really weren't expecting to find much of anything here, but we thought we would look and see what we could find.  We ended up getting a picture of a streaking orb and an orb which is red in color.


An orb located to the left of the tombstone that looks like it is in motion.

Heres a close-up of the orb.


A reddish looking orb located on the top right of the photo.


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