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Adams Street Cemetery


The Story: A cemetery that has people buried there as far back as 1791 has a few different things that go on there.  Reports of pictures taken and mists showing up around the tombstones.  It has even been said on the new during Halloween a few years ago that it was haunted.

Location: On Adams Street .3 miles from Orange Rd and about a half a mile from Poppy Rd. in South Bend, Indiana.

Directions: Take the toll road (80/90) east to exit number 72.  Merge on to US-31 North.  Take the Brick Rd/Cleveland Rd exit.  Turn right on Brick Rd/Cleveland Rd.  Brick Road will then go until a three way stop and you will be at Primrose Rd.  Turn right on Primrose Rd and follow it until it comes to a T.  Turn right onto Adam Rd and the cemetery will be on the left hand side about .75 miles away.

We visited the Adams Street Cemetery (also known as Portage Prairie Cemetery) on June 16, 2003.  It was a nice evening out with temperatures in the 60's and no wind.  This cemetery isn't huge, but it's not that small either.  It is rather old though, I would say almost half of the people buried there died before 1900.  We took some pictures and we got some weird results.  We thought that we had seen pretty much everything when taking pictures of haunted places, but this is something new and different.  But not only did we get it in one picture, we got it in another picture 10 minutes later in a completely different spot of the cemetery.  There were no lights around us and it's to high in the air to be a reflection, it looks kind of like a rod so that's what we're going to call it.


Here's a picture with some orbs.


Here it is the first time we got a picture of it.

Here's a close up of it.

It's a little bigger in this photo, but still pretty much the same thing.

Here's a close up of it.


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