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About Us

We are dedicated to bringing people the best and most detailed information about ghosts of Northwest Indiana and beyond. We are not professional ghost investigators, but rather ghost investigation is our hobby. We seek out areas, structures, cemeteries, streets, you name it, with a reported history of paranormal activity and look for proof of that activity. We don't currently use any advanced equipment, just various recording devices (cameras, video cameras, and a tape recorder) and our senses. Whether we record any hard evidence of the supernatural or not, we will keep this website as an archive of what we have recorded and experienced.

As a group, we investigate from a skeptical point of view. Our goal is to look for rational, natural, and/or plausible explanations for an alleged paranormal phenomenon. We do not discount the possibility of the supernatural nor do we expect to find evidence of supernatural phenomenon.

If you are interested in joining please send us an e-mail.