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Harleq's Warbirds III

The home of Harlequin Productions


Welcome to Harleq's Warbirds III web pages. If you are here and have no idea what WBIII is, click here to go to the totalsims website! Enclosed within these pages, is a little information about me and the squad I fly for; the 352nd Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, as well as plenty of links and articles to help with things like gunnery, evasives etc. None of these are written by me as I am such a lowsy pilot! I hope you enjoy browsing my site, and hope to see you online in the virtual skies of Warbirds!!

This website is also the home of Harlequin Productions - a database of all my Warbirds movies, these movies range from one minute to about five minutes long. I hope you enjoy them!!

Hi, I am a virtual-pilot from Canberra, Australia currently living in California. I have recently joined the 352nd Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney (give their website a look for more info, or go to the "Bastards" section in the menu!). I flew with the Virtual RAAF Australia for two years, some of the best times of my life! The RAAF are a great bunch of guys that are a pleasure to fly with. We flew a lot in the Main, and World War II arenas of Warbirds, and also in a number of special events. The RAAF nursed me through my newbie period, and i learned alot about virtual air combat while I was with them. However, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately I was unable to fly with my Australian mates anymore. I then applied for and was accepted in the 352nd, also a fantastic bunch of guys who're right in the thick of everything. Being used to arena numbers often in the low 20's and even under 10 players, I am still adjusting to flying with up to 100 people at a time! I used to have a good kill:death ratio, not anymore! For a short period of about three months, I was without an active Warbirds account, and even now am just getting back into flying. A highlight thus far since my return has been flying in the S3 event; North Sea Summer run in December 2003, this was the first S3 event I had taken part in; it was unlike anything I had ever experienced in Warbirds before and I loved it! Over 200 players, flying together at the same time! Huge bomber formations, masses of fighters, and dummy jabo runs to put the Huns off the scent, it was fantastic. If ever you get a chance to fly in an S3, I highly suggest you do. That's all from me for a while, I am trying to get all the other sections of this site sorted out.
< S > Harleq!

** I can only apologise for the ammount of advertising and banners etc. on the page at the time being, until I can afford my own domain, we'll all have to put up with it! **