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The images below have been taken straight out of WBIII, the only difference between what you see here and what you would see in the downloadable version of Warbirds is that I have installed More-Helix textures, custom gunsights by various artists, and custom plane skins-also by various artists, the flames and flak you see are only available with these effects. *These images have been recorded using Troy's Guncam. or the built in acm-cam in Warbirds. Enjoy! (For a full download list of my Warbirds films, go to the Harlequin Productions link in the menu bar.)


Helix's flak effects
One JU87 that won't make it home
Helix's ground strike effects, and fireball
P51, caw what a beast!
Helix's flame effects, really adds to emersion!