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Green Cross - years of experience since 1990.

Founded in February 1990 by Mr. Catalin Slate, Dr. Ion Roventa, Dr. Gertrude Burileanu - Tellmann and Mr. Ernst Marcolin (Coordinator) Green Cross was based first on Austrian companies sponsorship and we first provided help in Romania, Bosnia and Chechenia.

Our current President Dr. Georgios Demetrios

Our option was always to be the ones on the field, in direct touch with those who need us. We declined opportunities like organizing summits or congresses. The most fulfilling part of our activity is proving a certain vision about the world.

We live in a interconnected world, people in need are above any war.

People can work together beyond any differences.

The care you give to the one near you is the care we benefit each other in this world. The children are always innocents, the children are the future; be aware how you shape their opinion about world.

We meet wonderful people, some of them are our colleagues now. We learned very much, we understand now the situation of people in need more clear, they are not counting on us, but is wonderful if we can be there and help them when they need us most.

In all this years we transported food, medicaments and other among 40 millions shillings. We also were involved locally in countries like Kosovo, Transnistria, Albania, Bulgaria Georgia and Ukraine from the former USSR. Right now Green Cross has projects in Afghanistan, Casmir, Gaza, Central Africa.

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