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French/English Translation

About the Translator
With 21 years of experience in translating, publishing and journalism, Galatea Maman can be trusted to provide accurate and timely translations for all your needs. She holds a diploma in translation, is trained in public documents research, and has a resource library of several dozen reference books, dictionaries and specialized glossaries. Although she specializes in science-related translating, her passion is literary translation, of science fiction novels and short stories. No project too small! Whether you need a birth certificate translated or your current novel, Galatea Maman is available to take on your project, with tender care and at high speed.
Galatea Maman's credentials include: * Master of Arts, European Languages and Literatures * Certificate of Journalism * Bachelor of Arts, French * Certificate Higher European Studies, Translation
About Translation Services:
Please contact Galatea Maman at the following coordinates to discuss your project: - tel: 011 335 5841 3371 (France)
Rates differ according to the complexity of the work, but on average, range from 20 to 30 euros ($25 - $35) an hour. Novels are billed at per word rates, to be discussed after review of the manuscript or book. Highly technical work may cost more!
Galatea Maman has translated: "The Argolides" by Armand Farrachi; "Mermere" by Hugo Verlomme; "Sands" by Hugo Verlomme; "WaveMan" by Hugo Verlomme; "Earth in Flight" by Francis Carsac; "The Prisoner of the Planet Mars" by Gustave Le Rouge; "The War of the Vampires" by Gustave Le Rouge; Various poems of Victor Hugo; Scientific treatises; Commercial documents of all kinds; Computer marketing materials.

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