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This is the home of the Carbondale Terriers. Well we are closing out the first semester in the new school (The crowd goes wild). HAHAH anyway.

Accademic News:CCHS-East Students of the Month -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 1999 Jared Burde & Cecelia Mayberry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December 1998 Sarah Scolari & Nicholas Weshinskey -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- November 1998 Maren Somers & Amit Sharma Red Rose Recognition Ceremony January 1999 Tim Carr - Orchestra Emily Davis - Illinois History Publication "More Than One Hundred Years of Excellence" Jackson Foote - All State Cast Member Kristen Gregory - Honors Choir Lydia Kruge - All State Choir Brad Pace - Illinois History Publication "The Spirit of Attucks" Jessica Stoncius - Euphonium Melissa Underwood - Orchestra -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teachers: Susan Asaturian - AP Reader for Biology Erik Berrey - Teacher of All State Cast Member Pat Grimmer - Teacher of Students receiving Illinois History Publication Awards Bob Murray - Teacher of Students receiving Band Awards Marcy Piper - Teacher of Students receiving Choir Awards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Rose Recognition Ceremony November 1998 National History Day Superior Winners: Sarah Broom Richie Brown Lia Rohr Caeli Thibeault Shannon Tyman Pat Grimmer, Teacher -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1999 National Merit Commended Students Sean Burke Awais Butt Alison Guernsey Melissa Underwood -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Illinois Association of Teachers of English Award Sue Howell

Well our team killed there opponests in the hiQ show last week. And judgeing by the misspelled words and errors. im not to in to writing.