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Welcome to Our Sweet Site

This is a site dedicated to everyone who is sweet. The makers of this site are possibly the sweetest people in North America, and maybe even the entire world. Enjoy the site, it's a celebration bitches.

Sweet Fighters

PJ Stock, pound for pound the sweetest fighter in professional hockey.

Sweetest Cup

The Holy Grail,The Cup, Lord Stanleys Cup, The greatest Trophy in sports. Sure is a beuty.

Sweetest NHL Team

The Toronto Maple Leafs. The greatest franchise in sports history, bar-none.

Sweet TV Stars

Chris Pontius. This guy is sweet. Nuff said.

Sweet Beuties

Kournikova; a real sweet broadski.

Sweet Passtimes

Smokin a Stogski while Poundin back a few glasses of Barrel Blended Canadian Club Whisky. Can't beat that.

Sweet NCAA Hockey Team

The Blue Devils. These guys are sick. If you don't beleive us ask Geneseo. But don't ask Plattsburgh

Girls Kissing

Girls kissing is sweet

Sweet Kicks

Everbody needs a beauty pair of sneakers, for sneaking......

The Gardens

The Shrine. Sweetest sports venue in history.

Randy Edelman

Composer of sweet movie themes, most noteably Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story