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My Day @ The Royal Cornwall Show

These Are Some Fotos That I Took @ The Royal Cornwall Show On Friday When I went There.

A Bald Man's Head

When We Were Watching The Cow Parade, There Was A Bald Man Infront Of Us Sitting On A Hunters Stick Thing That Doubles As A Chair!!! Anyway I Thought This Was A Prime Moment To Take A Foto... I Hope You Like It And I Hope It Makes You Laugh As Much As I Did!!!

A Long Necked Sheep!!!

When We Were Walking Around The Show We Came Across an Enclosure Which Had Some Lamas In It. At First My Dad Thought That They Were Long Necked Sheep!!! Anyway If I Had A Lama I Would Call It Dali (Sorry For The Cheap Pun There)!

Humping Rabbits!!!

Humping Rabbits... What More Can I Say?