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Assignment 17 Summer Work To Do

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This online web page guides you through the AVCE ICT course as offered by the OCR Exam Board. Working through this site and completing the exercises as well as linking with other sites you should be able to build up a 6 unit portfolio of work which you can submit as part of your VCE Award.

In this Unit, Unit 17 you will learn to:-

  • be critical of commercially produced interactive multimedia products
  • appreciate what is involved in the design and creation of multimedia products, including the hardware and software needed.
  • learn about the demands that interactive multimedia makes on an ICT system
  • design and make your own interactive multimedia product.

You will be required to produce a complex multimedia product. This will also be accompanied by a specification and detailed design, a user guide and a test plan with evidence of testing.
You must also carry out and investigation of commerfcially produced interactive multi media products.

NOTEIf you look at the student guide and any other .pdf files on adobe, save them onto your computer as some (especially student guide) take ages to load up!!!.. HAVE FUN!!!

For more details of what is required click here

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