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Aftermath Of Darkness Page

50/Troll/Shadowknight......This site is made by Jester but inspired by AOD...I love the Dark ways but some people in guild are good ~_~ Anyways...I will put Hints and cheats and what ever i decide to put in here oO Well here is the first and best "cheat" in EQOA..go to diren hold village west from mordhim and north from Mt.Hatespike..they will all be blue face to you even tho you could be a troll sk like me =) but you kill the guards..yes kill those idiots....then you go sell them to the groccer or whatever put your gems in the bank or do whatever its all there..its best to go there at 35+ becouse at 36 they are green easy pickings =)... now i timed my self and in like 5 minuts i made 10k you can add it up if u camp a day or so heh..well thats all for now come back or send a email i might tell some more stuff till then..cya

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