Meditate Ohm Mani Padme Hum, or HOEA, with Rebirthing methods for at least 4h  day,  or in the same way the angels of mercury and the arch angels, while visualizing a housebig purple shield that protects of stress, lack of intelligence, memory loss, mental diseases of all kinds, psychosomatic symptoms, ADHD (in connection with natural Vitamin C in high dosages) and also black magical attacks of any kind, even with blood.

Angels of Mercury and more

These Companies delivered additional proof material in set backgrounds to give you an idea of what else exist in reality. All films are our dreams build up like Freuds Dream analysis, reflecting reality in the same way. This is a documentary report about something that is going to change your life!
Its Pure Science

The      Analysis    
-Project time 29 years beginning with a sorrow , in the aura of the victim from his birth on.
A boundary breaking Photo Documentaries on
The background impulses of our societies uncovered
Psychoanalysis on its Edge,
A further proof of Jung, Freud, Grof and Rupert Sheldrake
Satanism, what it really is, and how to Fight it
A new eye on Political Science

The following photo documentation on our psyche, the morphogenetic field, quantum physics in connection with  esoteric and political science is going to alter your perception on reality by connecting the human sciences to one picture.

This report is also send to the Club of Rome, the UNO, our Governments and the World Media. Its impact is basing on your intelligence and patience to understand the keys of power on this planet. Some of the world problems and their solutions leading us either into apocalyptic scenarios or a much better world where all is thriving with love, life and the freedom to self develop ones life and soul in a destiny together throughout this Universe are also later in the work. Knowing this and acting accordingly is going to free higher technology stages and spread wealth around the world. This is the background knowledge of our souls which create reality.    
The first picture shows a screen shot with John Goodman, in the back you can see morphogenetic faces and people, telepathy. The second picture is from the Anubis Project. Basically both alterations of the quantum field were made with our shakras, the one on the kitchen tiles was done by angel Damabiah and the shakrik alteration of the victim by satanist reprogramming of archetypes, which again control the shakrik quantum field alteration.

1: Psychoanalysis & Education

2: Quantum Create Matter

3: The soul as a hard disc and Bio-computer

4: Magic

5: Negative Programs and their Impact on us all, but especially on the Governing bodies of the World

6: The souls Utility Programs and our Personal Firewall, how do we configure our Bionet operations best

7: How we create a democratic world government in Respect of all nations?

1: Psychoanalysis & Education - Some information on Freuds, Jungs, Fromms, Abraham & Seligmans, Alice Millers and other Psychoanalyzers of this century

a) ID - EGO - SUPEREGO -Freud  (Prof Humberto Nagera Psychoanalytiche Grundbegriffe)
b) Carl Gustav Jung  (Jolande Jakobi C.G. Jungs Psychology)
c) Erich Fromm
d) Abraham & Seligman, Walston ( Prof Bastines Klinische Psychologie Band 1+2)
e) Alice Miller
f) Wilhelm Reich
g) Maria Montessori
h) Prof. Stanislav Grof

a) Id, Ego, Superego
Freud discovered those three main fractions of the human psyche.

a1 - ID - The unconscious source of impulses, the development of a baby not knowing that it is yet, in a phase of primary narcissism, the stage where the unconscious sets drive impulses to make the being understand itself. Whatever the baby is doing in this phase is a natural development and should never be punished to prevail any kind of mental disease. The baby needs to be nurtured as much as possible till it develops the next level, the Ego, the consciousness. If the child does not get enough attention and warmth, touches and understanding that the body and soul discovers itself, its own  character and talent sleeping in the genes, which only cross their parents, if the life is cold and lonely then the children become oral distortions feeling empty especially in the bodies openings which can become nymphomania. This means never orgasms again in its extreme, no ability to have relationships, tendencies to grey magical group sex which leads into soul loss, its like a energy hole ripping apart the morphogenetic soul imprint of our apearence on this field. Some loose their noses which grow, or look a little like animals and so on. Its the field of love, where all shifts and where people look at when they are in love, seeing their beloved ones in the trees or gras or wherever we look at.

Nymphomania is a mental disease    Orgy can be the result   It is a schemen a man made drive consisting out of soul energy peace's gone mad and parasite, in sex clubs the peace's of each other stick across the whole establishment and all over the city when they jump around from club to club. This hollows out the soul, it becomes driven from increasingly occurring parasites from others peoples souls in their aura and also in later stages within the body. These schemen contain the appropriate soul impulses to further exist from the energetic mistakes we  make, like the sins Buddha listed, as anger, hate, greed, fights and so on. These energetic disbalances also lead to a perfect environment for people using this mistake as a weapon to gain kundalini energy. Deeply disturbed controll freaks, hate us to gain our energy, throwing their soul away to make an energy transfer which we usually get when we meditate Ohm Mani Padme Hum with Rebirthing breathing methods. They loose their peaces like the feeling og a foot in their rituals, filled with hate, incredible pain, the master steals from his students and all from us all, they hate their lower re-incarnation levels and chop them even further apart till they die and become a worm or so. Accordingly to damabiahs testing phase of what the dark side has to offer to destroy galactic genecodes carried in our electromagnetic field of soul energy which then creates a plant or a dog or a human... we now shift out of it  to a golden age with new technology and a higher esoteric connection to the universe and beyond, to our souls connected to god the highest thought, either with us or under torture of self enslavement for some years, by stupedity and greed, uglyness and ignoarance, till a cosmic energy level creates the golden age as told in the vedian religion but also the bible..

a2 - EGO - This is our personality, if it is healthy it is multitalented, cross impact, or cybernetic  thinking, creative, pressure less beside to perform what it wants to in a none hierarchic order where the individual disciplines itself with love and intelligence understanding and strong willpower for all for free because he or she does anyhow only what they love to do (not playing computer games because we lost talent). This is the ideal. With the right school methods, no one controls the other, all co-operate as Freud. Jung and   Montessori found out with their school method where pupils learns 3 languages freely till they are six years old, all out of self controlled impulses, teachers are only helpers, they do not create the lessons, the children do as they like too individually.
    If on the other hand, the circumstances are chaining the mind, the person becomes less stable and productive in its extreme  turning to evil as satanism, as a revenge for the punished soul, not knowing idself because helpless parents where punishing their mistakes, creating all sorts of mental diseases when the soul was punished and cut away to hard for example because the baby shit  in its pants... People that hard crippled tend to surpress others and hold them back in developments a society of such people turns evil from narcissism and neurosis to necrohilia and psychosis. Repressing the ID creates a week EGO that is fighting itself, the ID was repressed by the following development level the SUPER EGO. The are trying to surpress and enslave the others too because they think that doing this increases their own personality. This is a constant weakening of the EGO by fighting ID and Superego while also rejecting (out of fear to recognize the forbidden talents and such) others that remind them that they are not alone. Hitler (Spelled on by satanist powers) or Stalin then out of their fear of their own persoanlity mistaking the rest for them killed millions because they thought that those thoughts and parts of my body and soul are not right... Freud discribes in more details the differences of mental diseases in the balance of the EGO, SUPEREGO and ID connections.

a3 - SUPER EGO - The superego is our conditioning, the information we are programmed with, the belief systems of the families and societies of the world or whatever material universal life system. If it is over amplified by treason on another soul, ripping of the child of self control, it weakens the Ego and forces it so deny the base impulses of the ID which has to set certain drives to certain points to develop the  unique soul that all of us have in the collective archetypal context. We are all thoughts in the universe, we all have also our soul citizens creating our behaviour or knowledge and that's the connection to Jungs discoveries which match modern morphogenetic field studies and electromagnetic impact on quantum structures. We all have those giant worlds or universes of our soul described by Jung, they create our apearance as being. We are all conected not only within in our archetypes says Jung but also in a higher context of a collective conciousness, an archetypical cosmic system.  With cells conected to souls which create a larger being.

b) Jung and his Psychology
First it has to be said that reading the summaries of psychoanalytical scientists are going to give you a much deeper impact on self control and the further understanding of our souls and their programs that create reality, with our hands, thoughts, vibes and so on.

b1 - Archetypes - These are as Hegel describes the beings within the being. These are the particles of our souls, in elemental size these beings have a electromagnetic pattern of 12 sentences, in form of all what we know, feeling, intuition, emotion, thinking. A human soul is consisting of hundreds of billions of such beings animals appropriately less. It depends how far this thought is. The whole idea of learning, teaching or advertisement is based on filling these little ones with information, they create parties and cities and individual structures of relating content. Math to Math and so on. When those fractions become majorities as in our societies, they rule the behaviour, thoughts and so on of the  being. Like in our society, so when all just feed from aggressive fiction they run amok because also their shakrik system corresponds negatively and becomes wholes and shadows filled with wrong impulses. Armin M's Aura must be full of holes like the one of the author of the text.

b2 - Impulses that influence the EGO further -The Ego is not only lead by its impulses set by the ID or the conditioning created by the society in the SUPEREGO, it also has as impulses those of thought, intuition, feeling and emotion. The Buddhist as the Psychoanalyst is leading to the middle of those influences, of body mind and such. Only then we can alter to higher states of consciousness, pain relief, or Extra Sensual Perceptions.

b3 - Jung discovered that we have certain amounts of soul energy with which we perform. It can be sexual, intellectual or used other, it depends where we put these energies. We have a certain amount of individual  energy that shifts if working correctly with our will, we also feed through our shakrik system with universal energies. Which is logical because we live in this universe and furthermore the field we are connected with and the flux of energies from the shakrik system can be photographed in full colour.

This discovery connects us to the use of our energies that also flow through our shakrik system. Most will have experienced the connection to parents or close friends, calling each other, all those thoughts or feelings flow through a certain bandwidth of quantum vibration in certain electromagnetic fields thus becoming matter. Our shakrik system also influences this field,  that is for example how the picture with the cylinder skull  man at the beginning of this report, occurred. Through miss guidance of the shakrik system by external infiltration of thought and other soul energies that have been projected within the victim by people that have had bad luck with our  unconscious and repressive system. The worst mental disease, causing all others. Satanism. A Buddhist monk or a hindu Guru, a shaman or a dervish, but also the satanist use their projection field consciously and are able to transfer data through it and alter their quantum field. More to this in further chapters. First we come back to psychoanalysis before we go deeper into the ESP section of this report with more pictures.  

Lets come back to Freud. It is essential to understand his dream .aparaille

 a4 -  The Dream Organism - This discovery of Freud was essential. It helps to uncover hidden truth in our dreams. Interesting is that Hollywood movies, which are very hazardous for our soul if build up with negative content, are having the same structure like dreams.
Dreams are essential to soothe past trauma and surpressed mental problems. These  subconscious fragments of our experiences fears and so on have a filter between our consciousness and the subconscious which enacts when we are awake. Once we sleep the filter opens to a certain level and lets information pass through, though only in a symbolic and camouflaged way. To do such the consciousness puts unfulfilled wishes of the day, so called day rests, into the subconscious together with unused information. This adds to what the body sends, like hunger, sexual desires, and other so called somatic (physical) impulses. All these elements go into the subconscious to relating themes. These subconscious parts then use the somatic impulses and day rests to sneak through the filter. This process is only able when the subconscious compresses long periods of experiences and so on into short movies, or symbols. The contain all the essential elements to make the human subconsciously work up inner problems. A monk meditating many hours a day sooner or later does not need to sleep anymore or rarely because meditation opens those filter circles and enables conscious dream work with the subconscious and even deeper morphogenetic fields carrying for example once past live information.
When you see hollywood movies you can see also the wishes, fears, technological designs like Star Track sex, and so on like in a dream. All is time compressed, symbolic and is filtered. Rarely you find real stories because the real ones that would be like an action movie are filtered, we watch dreams not reality. Basing once Knowledge on fiction and advertisement blocks, newspapers that have no  legal protection against harassment's of advertisement money  withdrawal of large conglomerates that fill half the papers ads because they want this and that released or not released. Often our politicians are heavily influenced by those papers. They do not think freely, reading only facts of all courses their are in books, they read the filtered cheesecake of information as lobbies, financed by citizens shopping behaviour and knowledge denial, which then complain about wrong politics and laws but rather use street fights instead of collecting millions of signatures to sue them out of products, offices and so on. Beside that refusing the wrong products is  also going to move the Rockefeller group from their dirty cash cows we create by buying them. The also offer a lot of other clean high tech (so called ECO or Alternative Technology) stuff which is not advertised though. To make it short Nelson is tired of being spelled by the foolish, greedy (in terms of spending their money not on making more money but on outdated products, that are often dangerous) and unknowing mass, misunderstanding their own mistakes putting them on him and other governmental bodies while buying the wrong products, consuming the wrong information not caring if there are more high tech, clean and comfortable products aside the advertised trash. Its also a test, do you get it or are you too stupid that paradise is around the corner. Reality is based on reality and not on fiction. Please send these organizations professional prayer, good ideas and intelligent product wishes so they are able to think aside their strange marketing contests that leave no space for imagination.

a5 The Oedipal phase, a certain development stage of the child leading to incest and child abuse when it is misunderstood. It is the phase where children look for sexual orientation after the genital phase where they  discover their sex. In this period of time children tend to rub their 7-10 year bodies against teachers, uncles, parents and so on. Seemingly searching for sex. This is the latest time to educate the child about how we humans reproduce, leading the child to its own age group where first sex experiments as Freud discovered are  often with the same sex. This is something the author can admit too, remembering himself with boys playing hore house. This case though needs to be closer analysed and further studies on this topic need to be researched because freud, in his importance, could have been victim of manipulated tests where children where programmed to do so, because in the case, the author and his friends were influenced by satanists, acting unseen over the Bionet also trying to create incestuous group sex with 7 and 8 year old children who's thought patterns have been manipulated by negative thought, or thought leading to an negative output as this black magical sex ritual which causes like in Armin Ms case Cannibalism which is also enacting on a program (Cannibali) put into the soul of the victim with impulses of intuition, thinking, feeling, emotion but also further influences that Jung and Freud did  not write about ESP and Action. so the author adds these two aspects to the graph you have seen above.
                                                                                            Angel Damabiah with the soldier OTO attacking us to increase our immune system.

By refusing action and reaction to a minimum, Buddha was able to reduce his influences to 7 Paths. Once action is done we create positive or negative karma, we set impulses (writing and printing a book) which for example causes reaction (reading it) which again form impulses that again lead to action, causing impulses and so on,  that influence the Ego like also the senses, reaction and senses also influence the Ego a human without the ability to see has a different Ego also altering all other influence. All those paths inter correlate with each other. Disabilities as missing senses or physical problems like a missing arm, or missing extra senses as the regressive broad mass, create a total  different thought, intuition, action reaction and so on which again Influence our ego which expresses and thus also unfolds itself through action (see the development from Id to Ego) and reaction which are controlled by ESP, Senses and the other "demons" as the Buddhist call it. To be centred is the secret of enlightenment, the action of Buddha to refuse all samsara action, to create less negative reactions, but also avoid binding conditioning in  belief patterns, laming our shakras, thus projection of reality, and development when causing repression.
There is also positive conditioning, which is first of all rebirthing kundalini and then the best kindergarten education, using the fastest time of learning 1-6,  the Montessori Method, for self conditioning with facts and real toolz, instruments and so on out of free will. This is what Buddha also taught, only a free mind is productive and can enlighten easy, a mind based on reality, not babble. Back then Buddha was not able to proof that quantum, that create matter or energy, follow our mind which controls our shakrik system that can be tuned with meditation and the right food. Plants!

a6 - Anal Sadistic Phase ASP- This period in the development of a child is the end phase of primary narcissism, which would be the primary awareness of a child, not seeing others, thinking they are the only one. The ASP leads the child into EGO in western cultures or such who nurture their children not enough. Where as highly nurtured children, being carried close to the body taking the child to work, opens their eyes earlier and the ASP does not occur. The symptoms of this lack of gentleness which often leads to oral distortions, which make people for example eat more sweets or smoke cigarettes. The ASP is highly aggressive, driven by death and possession drives that climb on the top of the hierarchic CNS, which controls the body. Interesting is also this pyramid scheme in kingdoms where the King is the top drive leading the country, or in big companies where Manager run the show. The child pampered with lies (instead of children facts) is not conscious because parents do not know that surpressing the babies cries and so on or feeding it with wrong information lead to a later EGO development and the common lack of body touch while isolating the child in a closed baby cart where the child can not even see what is going on (rain forest indians have an average IQ of 200 due to higher brain connections caused by high eye input, through the Jungle) If we would carry our children on our body through out a jungle city with paradise gardens of food, their IQ is going to rise dramatically.

f 1 - Wilhelm Reich -
He discovered that for example in tribal structures where children are  nurtured with the breast and in close body contact till the age of three, that these children had no ASP.

c - Erich Fromm-
His works are essential to read especially "Fear of Freedom, To have or to Be, The Human Soul, The Art of Love".

In the "Human Soul" is the potential to do good or evil. If the mind is free, it is biophil, if it is unfree it becomes as buddha said destructive, necrophile. The biophil tries to do all freely, freeing others, the necrophile does not know himself and does all out of repression, trying to repress others. Households having a repressive structure tend to develop incestuous distortions and all kinds of other mental diseases. Necrophilia is a constant lie to others and ones self, highly negative and .ineffective Such patients see their potential in destruction and repression stealing other talent trying to enlighten and grow to the outside, influencing others, instead of developing multi talent, or if developing such as a real ,genius then all in force still only to control others, such people also have to be good to go up they see that, but their deeper impulse is another one. They play friends with all and then in good trust deteriorate relationships by creating tensions, spreading lies turning people against each other or to problems, even global problems, like the middle east conflict where obviously maniacs use terror to have an argument to spread aggression when counterattacks occur, creating a circle of hatred. These sick people turned evil by repressing them (what the jews did, but the other side was not willing to cooperate to free itself with knowledge, prayer and business plans, building schools either, they often even requested guns instead of building moneys from their neighbouring countries which makes them again suspicious because the only help a friend with what he needs, if a society is so numb to ask only for weapons then sorry, i would not support such a friend with such, i would give him the right stuff).
Back to the topic though. Creating tension like defertilization and genetic  destruction large companies where everybody goes shopping too because they advertise so much, destroying or altering (like insects) their genetic structure to chaos, while in the same time researching on developing life as product from gene laboratories. This is not a life loving step of business conglomerates. Same is it when the father and mother infiltrate each other to gain control, also about their children. These necrophiliacs or narcissists of all kind  are appropriately to their mental disease level more ore less impotent (not necessarily sexually) and angry about it spreading impotency like destructive computer games and such, though it is not necessarily the taste of the programmer or the producer but of the market and the peoples demands not asking for productive games, often not buying them if they are productive. They are few though that are really evil with their source of negative thought projection onto their main influenced organs and all of us in the world  structure, who cause mental disease as a root of evil, which is amplified by all our wrong doing, even only occurs because we do not care enough about love and understanding, fairness, intellect and mental power often even godless, denying our selves to enlighten to higher dimensions of individual and thus collective projection of our souls onto our reality with whatever peaceful methods we have with our hands, mouths and thoughts. More to this in a later chapter.

In "To have or to Be" Fromm sees something in our society which is also  is described in the Bhagad Vad Gita, a sociopsychological behavioural pattern of misplaced talent based on artificial authority, but kissing and surpressing IDs way up the ladder, mobbing, denying, keeping back product levels for example (you only get the job if you swear to keep up the gasoline car in production, instead of alternatives till the people stop buying that junk, otherwise replace them they do not deserve other they are too hollow in their Game Gear heads) and so on. People do not like their lives, tend to lie, do not what they really could do, or if healthy do not get the position because a group or another one ore a hidden disease from the superior turned against the really good one because of fear to loose once own position or so. People become wage and break promises, do not care, marry wrong and deny their children and often even god, our universal collective consciousness, coming from an individual, to the individual character of a group, a nation, a planet, a planetary system, a galaxy and god itself, all of us within a mother universe, we all responsible for each other and for all love and life. This can only be protected when we love our lives and become people who want rather inner growth and talent instead to have power and treasures instead. We need to be natural authorities again like people in a tribe, loving, adding and co-operating with each other in their best talent the best preacher preaches, the best teacher teaches the best negotiator is a politician and so on. Everybody where he or she is happy. These people become self respective and respect others, they become responsible and loyal, loving and supportive, caring and deep, interested and motivated the virtues of culture, like honesty, friendship, co-operation, trust, knowledge, religion, love and so on become amplified because people love their lives again performing happy, freely like the Montessori kids. It is better to be than to have, that's what happens on LSD when we are knowledge, we become deeper and find our natural authority.

The " Fear of Freedom" is the main problem in our society, humans tend to be scared to leave a sado masochistic structure by fear of loosing themselves, which is a sick corruption of each other sucking energy not perpetuating talent, love and understanding. Such people are small, think small and act torturous against each other in word and action keeping each other down denying talent. The are afraid of loosing stability when having to stand on their own feet. Becoming a person that alters itself to perfection which we do not reach as human because it always becomes better and never ends when we free ourselves and become multiple talented not pressed into one job (beside if you love it or so), agreeing and amplifying each other by supporting each others ideas and ways productively. A society loosing individual freedom is also loosing all drive to go forward.

" The Art of Love" is simply supporting and loving the other for what he or she is co-operating and stimulating each other lovingly in good will and knowledge altering also our selves to anew our souls with inner growth of all kind not silently consuming the same fictive TV program with bear and fattening snacks, becoming board of each other because the life is hollow and thus also the relationship.

d - Abramson and Seligman - (taken out of Prof. Bastines "Klinische Psychologie 1+2)
These psychologist discovered, while studying on the unconscious mass, not knowing about their basic soul aparaille, that groups or individuals that can not solve problems tend to loose all motivation later even keeping others from developing or trying to solve problems at all. On the other side the also get more motivated and willing to do if they are able to solve  amplifying each others talent and ideas.

Prof. Walston added to this topic external and internal control belief. If people are externally controlled they loose their freedom and also their willpower to do good and be responsible, they are egalitär and become   destructive, they become more, these people if such a regress goes on need to be controlled. Internal control believing minds lead themselves, and then become caring and responsible thinking of others not of themselves as external  control believers who would even eat up the planet if they are let to do so.

e - Alice Miller -
In Drama of the talented child she uncovers that families not developing freely had this problems already from their ancestors, stealing each others talent giving it on to their children, abusing them as puppets to reach the goals and dreams of the parents which have been denied to them by their parents. All subconsciously only giving love when we act appropriately not letting the ID develop EGO freely, eat when the parents want to, shit when they want to and so on by rejecting love for what that being is using love as a weapon against the other instead of evenly distributing it for all also when productively  commentating behavioural problems or so, stimulating self exploration by always sending love and trust to each other that we can stand on our own feet with our auto education and the life we choose not others. Everybody is different and not a copy of the parental or pseudo social dreams of machine like beings.

f - see above -

g - Maria Montessori -
If we use modern Montessori methods (Prof. Dietrich Raapke "Montessori Heute" ), the children develop EGO with the Age of 1-2 years by using wake up games, the girl Lara in the Authors circle of friends showed astounding abilities, she was able to talk fluently by the age of 18 months by using this method.

 The idea of Maria was based on Freud and Jungs insights. They found out that children become mental distortions if we command them like puppets, not stimulating their individuality, often forgetting that they are other than the parents, they are no copies and should not be treated as such. When parents do so or try to fantasize their dreams upon the child, though they look different than the parents life, still as long as the parents think for the child, its life goes wrong and the person becomes disabled.

Maria found out that we all want to learn anyhow as a base code of our soul, it automatically records all input and processes it, the outcome depends on the content, as we know of Jungs archetypes, our soul organs. This is an automatic process which is fun as long as it is free. A soul that is pampered with illusion toys to obey, is going to refuse reality later in school and the rest of the life only trying to forget with fiction. This mind refuses the automatic learning process because it was repressed, such people try to escape reality and often do not really know what they can do, they lost touch with themselves. So Montessori based her education on this automatic loving base program of instantly learning fast. All she did was developing games to educate the child letters, numbers and mathematical signs, reading and writing, by playing reality in the time of fastest learning. From the point of knowing this base the young children from earliest 2-6 learn themselves  while surrounded with all necessary help and equipment when needed. Every student programs himself with whatever real Information and any kind of Talent offers to learn. The outcome is astounding, we all have the same potential, there is no higher speed of learning though the students might come from poor neighbourhoods or rich, men and women alike no matter what race learn three languages freely, self controlled within the first six years.  This is a higher language output than any graduate in high school and often even university graduates. The montisorians learn as the "disease" ADD or ADHD describes the "distortions" why the child has to take the pill highly intelligent children are so fast that they only can learn alone otherwise they develop, anger, aggression, depression, refusal to work, dismotivation and problems to even attend the other person, because no attends them, also the bad food full of chemicals, starch, sugar, fat, animal proteins, bad light in the house no vitamins cause ADD. Give the child some meditation skills, auto education and freshly squeezed lemon juice and tea with Full Spectrum Lights and they do not need Ritalin or such so they behave as they not are, mono.

People are so regressive in this area that they not only forget about their higher senses, no they even try to kill their automatic, physical and mental ones too by forcing the child to become a mono puppet instead of a multi genius as we all are if we learn ourselves. Then life is fun from the beginning on and not a torturous hell of repression and self as well as other denial. The children do all out of love and would do it for free for all just because they have fun doing what they are and it adds up again just freely, now we also have all kinds of professions that look on the job market for decreasing  possibilities for employment, often shy not really stable do people look for other profession, all not doing what they want to but still all having individual professions. With the Montessori method all students become individual too but have multi talent and do all freely from carpenter physician and so on some might choose to become like buddha, in a Montessori society they would have a free base life, because all cooperate and not compete. They do not really like or need money. If the Germans would have had a chance against the media hype of Hitler (like our cars nowadays) with the new media technologies, new industrial advertisement and so on, they would have introduced this school  method in the Weimarer republic, but hitler, a negative narcissist killed all reform powers and ripped Germanys Multicultural soul apart, with it most of its science and so on. There you see an example of how easy people are manipulated when you fill their souls up with information till a majority fraction is build in the "infiltrated" psychic aparaille, controlling behaviour like in an amok runner who watched too much horror movies and such.

We need  Montessori kindergartens world wide to amplify a new humanity a new world order, that is coming from within, from our children and from us leading them to there in love and understanding. We also need a stable base of esoteric knowledge from child on. What a magician or a higher monk does is the natural ability of a new born and young child till we kill this ability to later learn it again if we even try to look  because people forget about their soul and how it works, some even doubting that there is a soul, which you can even photograph in multicolour, at least the outside protective part of our soul, the electromagnetic field where also thoughts travel, the Aura.
 If we would use additionally to Montessori education, audio visual sleep teaching programs, that lead the child into sleep and knowledge conditioning instead of, some moving cartoon pictures on the ceiling or such useless baby decoration of kind BUBU BABA or so to keep the child happy while sleeping time. The right colours, the right tones and frequencies of cutting (like in commercial TV) and so on lead the baby into sleep and through learning programs. For example languages, which would help our children to use the ability of all children within the first six months, to understand all syllables of all languages on the planet. Interactive Lego like toys which are  knowledge programmable with information when you build certain structures you come to higher plans of structure.

h) Prof. Stanislav Grof

He proved Freuds and Jungs discoveries in his LSD therapy. He found out that distortions get their base set already in mothers womb. He basically  proved reincarnation and the collective consciousness, by memories in children coming from the parents though they never told it. His method was so successful that every patient he had was healed even from hard distortion within a maximum period of three years with the result that the patient needed no medication or further treatment anymore because all symptoms of mental disabilities .disappeared LSD is like kundalini meditation and makes the archetypes come into consciousness even visually in a room, at leas for the patient but also for the doctor if he is subtle enough. Dr. Samuel Widmer in Lüsslingen Switzerland was using his and the MDMA therapy till 1993. Then a patient died by a heart attack on a ibogain, a african root that connects the brain to a reset so all is like new born brain, it is very hard and halluzigenic though. Widmer and his colleagues loose their last license to publicly do this therapy, there are still researchers fighting about this harmless drug in consideration that this patient was the only dead person in the whole history of Widmer hospital, while in Germany for example 16685 die in mental institutes, around half of them on medication much more damaging than those natural half synthesis's MDMA and LSD which also heal. More to this in a later chapter.

2) Quantum Create Reality

    @ the beginning of this century Physicians discovered quantum and found out that they follow electromagnetic frequencies, material reality, is in a certain bandwidth of electromagnetic frequencies. In other frequencies matter turns to energy. Einstein, Neuman, Tesla and others researched on this topic till today. Interesting is that they also discovered that quantum follows the will of the person who is concentrating on them. This is because of our shakrik projection which is tuned by willpower using our body for sending, receiving, and amplifying electromagnetic frequencies, which as we know from quantum physics alter the quantum string structure which creates the molecular structure that again forms the atomic particles which then  appearing form of matter and so on. Feelings thoughts telepathy all run on this field with specific frequencies. The USA had loads of test called MK Projects in the 40s end 70s, as well as matter altering ones, some might be still running, where Microwave frequencies have been tested on humans and animals to find out about what frequency does what on the human body and soul or our auras.

Our Body is a natural Biochemical machine, working with electromagnetic that hold all we are aware of and beyond. Shaolin become harder because they know how to tune their bodies on a specific frequency and with it their bubble of influence. This is why Jesus was able to walk on water, or buddha was able to split in two, he just was so many humans in one, it was no problem, or Gurus that cut out their tongue, like showed on Phoenix TV Germany in 1998/99, and growing it back right away, without blood or cell loss. Healers in Germany, practitioners, are paid by private insurers and they look that the method heals and their patients too. They know about the shakrik connections from the aura to body parts, or feet and hand or ear reflex zones, also stimulate or turn off aura, and health depends on what power we use.

The clue is how to tune your field. Best is to just meditate with a mantra like HOEA, OHM , OHM MANI PADME HUM, OHM AH HUM (more head and throat shakra), or others, you find appropriate ones in esoteric bookstores. While you meditate  imagine yourself to sit within a house big purple aura and try to also project light of that colour in front of you. Iris Rinkenbachs Magischer Gegenzauber but also other magic writers give you access to the certain shakrik colours and methods to stimulate your soul body further. Important to understand a deeper concept in amplifying those higher sensual abilities that have to be opened like a filter that has been installed by miseducation towards a grunting death seeking animal of destruction, is to read Franz Bardons works & for example Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, Dion Fortune and other white esoteric literature shows you ways and methods to clean your archetypes, condition them as you like to and alter with it your frequencies and perception with meditation and also better work in the society a higher technology and comfort standard with people who know and lead themselves properly is n problem if we start to meditate. No outer earth race wants to see a godless humanity in space with the technologies they do not ask for peacefully because they follow seductions. How strong are we? Where can we go to when we start altering our state of the earth into something higher, alternatively to right or left, higher in our souls and understanding? We are going to see if we become as good as an einsteinbuddhabrucelee at least higher than a being that is about to loose its aura because they eat the wrong food, smoke the wrong drugs and limit their abilities by forgetting about each other and themselves. Stimulating Aura, while meditating is going to help you to increase intelligence, positive karma, love, tranquility and a good lucky life with clean stable and good thoughts attracting also such people that add better to each other. When you meditate breathe out as deep as possible and only little in again, then breathe even further out and only little in again. Repeat this five to seven times and you are going to open awareness and shakrik activities, using the main mantras, that erase all negative information and experience out of us. Some might to have a pain here and there, just breathe further in and out and the pain leaves you with an understanding where it came from. If we do that everyday, aura projection and meditation at least one hour the whole life becomes more secure and successful. Energy is rising and so on. Its like a drug just healthy.

3) The Soul as a HD and Bio-computer

    As we have seen in the chapter about Archetypes, the soul is filling up with information to synthesize thought and action out of these. The soul is quasi a Bio-computer and works like a Hard Disc. All we learn and see act as programs in our soul. Important is to recognize that reality, which is co-created through our personal knowledge, awareness and the quantum field we are in within our shakrik bubble, is depended on the kind of information we have. For example the story of Kaspar Hauser, the unwanted son of a king which was locked into a dark cellar as baby so others could get his kingdom, has been found then as a young man. He was totally distorted, he had no language or any other kind of ability, he had to be taught all new. He was sort of a jungle book Mogli, but even less programmed in his soul. He was able to learn very quickly, like a blank sheet of paper and with it also his perception changed suddenly he was able to put all in words and with it create also an intellectual reality based on knowledge, not only the senses, thus all changed around him, the interaction with the people, his perception of all things and so on. Another example are those amok runners. They also change their perception by miss programming themselves with for example anti governmental hate literature ( as the unit- bomber in the USA) or simply with hate games, horror movies and such, their perception is also altering, by reading and consuming this kind of information the ability of our soul to project, think, act and so on positively gets destroyed till there is so much dirt in the soul programming that a program takes over the behaviour and they run to kill, not able to stop this self created drive. Another example of creating wrong programs is negative autosuggestion. Franz Bardon explains in his books more about this way to program one self.

By repeating sentences like "oh i am not worthy, or i am stupid" or such also induced by class  mates parents and so on people also program themselves .appropriately They create negative programs from within by doubting themselves and others tearing them down sending negative energy and thoughts. This creates cycles of negative mantras that write themselves on into the soul. Who ever thinks like that about oneself need to alter though to a positive way. A good program would be for example "I am in intelligent, and loving with the universe our God" or "I am happy and loving" and similar positive impulse thinking. That we can also send others with nice thoughts, like trying to always think nice about each other and also talk nice to each other. Repeating such a positive impulse thought for the period of time till it works, makes us more controlled and lets us reach our goals. F. Bardon shows more methods to do so.

Important is to mention that these positive and negative programs can be also felt and seen around once aura. When somebody is filled with positive energy and thoughts, his life is appropriately and also the aura looks like that when photographed. On the other hand when people suffer a lot, doubt themselves and so on, they lack aura and can show shadows in the Aura. Some shadows might be depressions others anger and so on. As we all might have experienced when we are depressive is that all looks bad and grey, sad and ugly, nothing seems nice and no one looks good. This perception created by our inner programs. For example Buddha or Jesus controlled this programming by altering their perception with meditation and magic, changing their perception and shakrik projection appropriate to their goals and methods to alter their bubble. If a satanist uses his virus like programs that we describe in a later chapter, he also writes it into his own soul and those programs, the "higher" the black magic goes become thus darker and kill the ability of the soul part filled with these rituals to project, or imagine a nice world. Those people, by sending their negative impulses, wit methods described later to others, erase all positive out of them with bioenergetic programs that are made with a specific rhythm. Like a virus they copy on into the victims but also the attackers soul. If someone is continuously using satanist spells on others to gain energy and power, their own energy and ability to see a nice world decays, up to a point where all senses and also the ability to for example see light and colour fades. If a satanist does not continue his path of self and other peoples destruction, they shut down their own quantum bubbly and with it they suddenly have black spots filled with their demons around them. Their bio hard disc gets destroyed. The one of the Victim which becomes more and more infected of such programs if it obeys those impulses, could also get destroyed if it follows the negative way and if the attackers also have the blood of the victim. If the victim meditates and build up aura, the HD recovers.

To prove the alteration of perception with our information a last time, is to give you an idea of Prof. Stanislav Grof. This Psychoanalyzer proved Freud and Jung and invented the Topographic mental treatment with LSD. It is important to recognize that LSD is as the world federations of Psychoanalysts and Buddhists found out, like Kundalini meditation. It opens the shakrik system and lets us see the energies surrounding us but also the content of our soul. This is why some people have problems on LSD, their content of information and experience is to negative to do this substance without a doctor.

Prof. Stanislav Grof found out that most of the mental diseases are already based in the mothers womb. He also discovered that we have had past lives and that we are all connected with a memory field, as Jung says (collective )subconscious and also white magical literature tells (akasha chronic) that contains memories of us all, as he has seen with patients who memorized childhood experiences of their parents though they never talked about it, finding later that it was the parents experience after they compared their statements. Also the british scientist Rupert Sheldrake says this field is existing and calls it morphogenetic field, where all memories are secured & where telepathic communication takes place. His group of scientists around the world saw that the brain communication of a young born child or a buddhist monk is the same like a grown up on LSD. Our wrong education forgets about ESP and closes the filter in the brain that makes us see the subconscious as well as energies and so on. This is not so in new born and monks, their brain communication connects all brain parts evenly and thus opens our natural perception, which is not like by dark forces because it lets them discover them and their actions. Interesting is also to mention again, that persons who consumed negative information and experienced negative things in life, are likely to have a horror trip, because their soul parts are filled with bad energies which then reflect into the room by the appropriate dosage of LSD or also meditation which is more time consuming but much more stable. LSD effects occur in meditation after around 6-8 hours non stop chanting, which opens shakrik, thus electromagnetic quantum influence and archetypal unloading, similar to Hoffman's invention.

4) Magic

Magic is simply know how to influence the electromagnetic field with our willpower and form quantum, but also thought, emotion, intuition, feeling and ESP by focusing with our thought power. Jesus was so excellent in doing so that he was able to multiply bread by collecting universal energies for a transformation of quantum into matter as he wanted it too. A very nice book from Paramahansa Yogananda " The Autobiography of a Yogi " is explaining a lot about this topic and leads to pictures of enlightened persons and footnotes of important scientist, that proof ESP.


White magic is there to protect us and connect us, to alter reality positively and with loving blessings. Connecting us on enlightening ways with angels and  the universe our God. There are many methods of religions and they all bear their magic. Anybody who goes the way of meditation is going to experience alterations of perception and also luck and connection to the world. The buddhist meditation is more a pure way out of all matter, they seek no magical power because they say it induces karma, though their visualization is also amplifying telepathy and with the years of meditation natural ESP abilities come to the monks. The west, the jews, moslems and christians use another method which is based on using the natural abilities of our body and mind to alter reality more. Cabalistic magic with our angels and sub angels, as well the methods to amplify and tune our field and so on is more based on staying on this planet while enlightening though. It is protective magic against evil and creates also earthen success. Buddhism too, but it is focused more on leaving to a higher state of soul. The cabalistic way too but it is more oriented as the hindus that follow their life with love and try to work for god on this planet while re-incarnating further to enlightenment. Every soul seeks their experience and Buddha had all experiences that a soul can have on the planet. His way is the cleanest and leads off this world.


The Cabalistic as well as the tantric way, based on the Vedian religion are similar using the shakrik system, cleansing their soul and lifestyle to enlighten, thus to tune the shakras consciously. Both lead into the state of being able to alter reality and matter, at least on personal quantum basis if the individual does it right, as you can see from Yogis around the world.

Both ways, the black and the white way are able to alter matter to a certain stage, (though the black one only destroys it, or tries too) and both work with electromagnetic frequency alteration, thought compression, creating living thinking beings on the white side, and dead demons on the other side, both consisting of the activators soul, the positive grows, the negative dies, or at least fails to project a nice reality, ending in hell, where failed projectors end up, its  just a negative frequency pattern. For the methods how to do so you should read the appropriate white literature. Be aware that any kind of black literature is often written in codes that copy into your soul and cause internal forces that drive one on loosing the soul in so called experiments, till the person in a drug rush like addiction suddenly is no human anymore but already an animal then mostly the way back to white is more difficult, the mind of an animal is easy seduced. These victims of their power greed end up continuing the path of negation, altering all in them and around them with hate causing negative tensions and distortions in their neighbourhoods. The goal of black magic is to enslave the other as if it is oneself so all obey blindly any order, giving away their energies to the abuser of the magical universal system, that the soul controls matter and builds or decays itself and other souls.  

While the white way is giving the participants energy, inducing all reality, the black way is stealing others energy and especially the energy of the abuser. While angels exist and prevail all good on earth sharing their love and talent with  us, are only caused by the misprojection of the abuser, trying to gain animalistic influence about others. There are certain  black channels with negative energy, lucifer and his generals who left the side of love because they wanted to break the rule of personal freedom and loving self development in the universe. All influences doing this, like parental miseducation leads to Lucifer's path of indulgence, mistrust, greed, selfishness, ignorance, hatred self and other denial, forceful living only by oppression of each other, all this leads to satanism because it is causing mental decay and disease as described in the psychoanalytic chapter.

It has to be said that no one impure or without god is able to work with Lu and the generals, without getting badly harmed, mind and soul, while being enslaved or tortured. Those energies offspring are the self created demons, like soldiers,, consisting from the black magicians soul energy. Who later gets enslaved by his own negative soul beings, that are controlled by lucifer, but also Angel Damabiah, our galactic immune system controller. The causers of demons are only able to control their earlier creation by continuing splitting up their souls into larger, more evil peace's, which they call devils, by more cruel rituals.

Actually everything is magic. All what we see, hear, smell, feel, and so on is a kind of magic. Our Masters of the Universe, the Arch Angels, Metatron, or mighty Yogis from India can alter this perception with their mind. Magic is also laughter, or the ability to trust, or feel love. All is connected to energies that bring us together and make reality happen, all those energies can be altered by masters of both kind, one steals it and looses his own ability to produce those energies needed to even feel love, the other learns how to To amplify those energies consciously to become a co projector, a protector of reality, love, happiness, intelligence, order and so on. How this works will be shown closer in the next chapter with the negative programs, how they work, occur and how we can fight them.

At the end of the chapter it has to be said that also electronically or electromagneticly magic can be altered, amplified and made, even time travel is possible with the necessary military equipment which is based on Einstein, Neuman and Tesla inventions, look for it in the net and you find a lot of information on this topic, from insiders and outsiders around the world, even from governmental persons. Information is free the clue is too look for it, which is also a learning process. It would be too easy and not really strengthening if only a few would lead all always. All have to realize that learning and willing to expand the mind and talents is essential for all humans. Consciousness, also of how, where from , where too, if then what and so on has to be in all of us or we are not really smart. If all have this inner understanding and the impulse to God and science we can enlighten towards universal awakening in trillions of years

5: Negative programs and their growing impact on us all, but especially on the governing bodies of the world

As viruses on a computer, black magical hacks write on and on like on a hard disc of a modern computer. The more body parts such a hacker has, the deeper his entry code into our soul and with blood even into our body which is directly connected to those  little soul citizens we talked about earlier. The goal of a black magician is to keep up the drug like high of seeming genius and indulging feelings of mainly sex and power, but also some ESP abilities like increased telepathy, by controlling others, writing negative programs of all kind into them to gain then their positive powers. Sort of kundalini meditation, though making the source of energy down, meditating towards bringing others bad luck to gain their good luck. In short the black side tries to steal all potency in their destructive rituals that cost their souls and other peoples life energies. The do not stop taking our positive feelings, emotions, intuitions, thinking abilities, higher senses and on blood basis even physical strength, like directly connecting to sexual powers and also the behaviour of the victim, trying to control the person from within with hard pains,  lack of love, warmth, understanding, laughter, and reducing any kind of thought towards negativity, projecting their distortions with all negative electromagnetic powers that a human soul can throw away with the projector computer, our body.

These are hints from our governing bodies and morphogenetic photographs (created by forcefully reprogramming the victims shakrik system which induces reality, as discussed earlier, like the projection system of any human) made by the probate of this unique medical report of evil against life and the methods to protect and heal from this trauma. All spells end up in this orgy of hate and suffering. The attackers already worked many years to build up the last rituals before they die. The victims environment to this time of an attack is totally disrupted, most friends are gone, families destroyed, a hundred lives going down the drain on the attackers side and whole circles of friends infiltrated and split apart by programs of feeling, emotion, intuition, thinking and ESP reprogramming, by transporting appropriate electromagnetic impulses through our connecting morphogenetic field. Anubis is just the "highly intelligent" tip of the iceberg. A total control program, custom made for the long analysed soul of the victim. It contains especially the baby and children imprints, but also all friends heads throughout the life of the victim. It spells the attacked person with all anger, hate, lust, sadness, greed, aggression, pain shitting, pissing distortions of hard core nymphomaniac, neurosis full of faeces eating necrophilia of constant killing group sex orgies, of animal abusers using mothers and fathers, friends and made up persons voices in the victims soul aparaille, filled with their rituals of schizophrenia, narcissism, distorted higher perception and all negative ideas about oneself and others one can imagine but shouldn't. Imagining hate for longer than 30 seconds leads to a split of the thought to another receiver (human, animal...), which means you might thought or amused about killing, perhaps playing it on you game gear, but someone else is doing it, who is receiving the long thought pattern of energy we create, which wanders in our BioNet. This Program leads an army of corresponding programs, all lead by the lost soul of the black masters that gave away their lives to gang bang, dismissed gangster sex that lead them to black magic and into the hands of higher black orders on the world. All those programs interact in our soul, using our memories, and all what influences our ego as discussed in the chapter about C.G.. Jung.

All those spell programs transfer energy to the attacker, they are made individually because all programmers as well as the victim are individual and those programs only work if the de-projector (satanist) knows the person, though there are also standards.
The goal is to lead the attacked person into lifestyle mistakes that create holes in the aura. They try to prevent us to meditate  making us for example feel as if we have no time and as if all little indulgences, shopping and so are more important. These programs bring us into a constant flow of thought, trying to separate the personality by using other peoples thoughts and also our own thought imprints for their demand. They just think in our voices or other people voices, combining those thoughts with their soul impulses so it feels real, like depression, and self denial and so on.

They also try to get others angry on those levels so they can record their anger to intensify the spell with other people energies, they borrow most anyhow, because theirs are not enough. They for example try to seduce others to think of group sex by having normal sex, or they stimulate to send the attacked person sexual desires which they then cut of, so also the friendship gets destroyed, because the person actually loving and desiring the victim thinks the victim stole something, because they used this desire to program the spell appropriately. Every spell is different, covering all our emotions, senses and so on.

The de-projectors get so distorted that they, to soothe those mental disturbances, send those to the victim in their rituals for example to not  feel horny all the time, or angry and so on, like meditation, but not to god, more to themselves, they do not see the other as an other person but as food and a tool to obey, though once their programs self perpetuate with the holy formula of repeating a ritual 3x 462, they can not retreat their own viruses and decay dramatically, in this moment of no retreat, the better half sometimes wakes up, though not able to react anymore, in a certain knowledge there is somebody on the other side.

They say they are not as long they do not control all, like hitler. A spell is like hitler marching first around and with blood into your soul, making soul citizens their slaves and controllers of our selves, we get attacked by all nasty parts and own mistakes and so on, this is why aggressive fiction and pornography, especially the group kind, opens our, in times of Fast Food, Game Gears and Horror Movies often unprotected soul for their programming. Thinking like the orders of darkness opens us for their beings and programs because we create energy fluctuations in our electromagnetic shields which makes it attractive for energy parasites of lower frequency levels to get on the host who lowered his frequency by for example eating meat.


Picture 1 shows a slaughterer the black arrow shows to a morphogenetic field imprint of a traumatized soul peace, called the devil or a demon, the second picture is visual efx from adam sandlers Little Nicky in the centre of the hell palace. On DVD you can see picture three within the menu trailer short before you see the heaven shot with nicky. This photograph shows the devil with one of lucifers generals arachno. They look like that on their frequency, all cramped together in  darkness. In this case the victim was astound to find those pictures because at the low of the spell, the programm was written so deep that he met the fallen angels themselves, with their duty to provoke us, seeking new boundaries in this universe, always inducing mistakes to gain strength before the good remembers itself and how good it is and where to go which is enlightenment. Picture three is from the living room floor of his apartment. Picture three, is the real leader of the figures in his show, most toons are spell, containing their mistakes, grumpy duffy, hellish taz, cheeze and arrogant rabbit, wild desperado, the greedy incestous death loving pig and so on, not all of them are spells though. Picture five shows the place of crime in the canibal case with armin m. Again look for the black arrow.

There we come to another program...

The Meat Eater

This program makes us believe that meat is good and  healthy, to open up our electromagnetic field for a lower being and thought frequency, as the vedian religion teaches us (Armin Risi). The slaughterer is loosing parts of his soul which become a "natural demon", it is traumatized and sad, horrified and feels dead and empty, it rejects the slaughterer, containing the thought of death which needs ignorance, stupidity, hate and so on by rejecting to use other methods to feed, to even exist. This death drive, the demon, seeks now another host for energies, seeking the person that eats this as a place to stay and think on with the larger being, not really knowing anymore than those impulses set by the killing. Professional satanists live a lot around the houses of death. They just use a "higher" demon to collect those poor little ones that became negative. "Higher" black magic is always using those little animalistic killing sex games of faecal desire to hurt others more and control the rest of their soul and other peoples souls that they through away for a drive they created, which they obey later on because they are not really there anymore, just stolen thoughts and energies by causing suffering, decay, incest, mental disturbances and so on... All negativity is stimulated by freelance black magicians and their higher orders, where they end up after playing around with entry literature that trashes their HD completely. The have now to hack in other systems stealing their resources so they have some HD and RAM... or applications like telepathy. Not everybody has though this program on, often rich people are attacked because the others follow, and once there is a mass drive created, like our blood greed, it runs from itself.

The Foot

This program can be put on children with the age of 6-9, it isolates the child and makes the other one think strange stuff about the victim sending it aggression, misunderstanding and so on. This creates tensions collected to induce higher tensions like harder isolation programs we are still coming too.

The Shoe

This is already a harder program that can be used soon after the foot, especially if the child is obeying it is more easy to set this one into the behavioural pattern of a kid. It isolates even further, makes grumpy about others, whining around hitting and shouting at others, tries to make the victim the impersonator of power, holds all surpresses all , all have to follow. The others feel similar and all get against each other. The victim might be the strongest this program is ineffective though, because the other copy the behaviour. Miss moody on the other hand is this alteration too. The kid becomes more lonely because of its attitude and then sadness and loneliness, boredom, but also inability to communicate about it get amplified too. It also makes the others laugh about the victim when he or she is not there. This is also used against the attacked villain.

The Heel or the Boot

This is the program before the hardest isolation program comes. It prepared the circle of friends to isolate the victim and negate him, it makes him look  bad. The hit person wants to be alone, all are numb in his or her eyes. Rejection of critique, help, or coming together in peace again marks this program. It tries to amplify real hate between each other, recording negative impulses ad thought on all sides to amplify anger, mistrust, naivety, on the side of the victim so all are oh you sissy and stuff. This program just opens the path for the next one which is really harming circles of friends monitoring them over the years when the obey those impulses, a group or a single black magician is going too look for more alterations to gain more energy and influence, but also holes in the aura. They use for example dark telepathic pictures, of comic figures or whatever to make the victim project it too, so a hole gets into the aura. It also more easy to establish negative thoughts to a child. Children of high ranking families, where the parents are not yet on the level of power to have had the magic insights are strongly in danger because they carry power positions. It is easier to control a nation by controlling the few rich and the more godless the people become by refusing knowledge and true social behaviour the more the rich flip out too. Only by sending them blessing and good thoughts, nice plans on e-mail how to make better products or to soothe the countries problems can help us all into a paradise like world of high tech and nature comfort with only little physical work and forced work at all.

The Pot

Makes unconfident towards others especially being seen with a girl or a  man on our side. As if it is embarrassing to be in love and together. This program also makes us seek a lot of sexual relationships, it only lets us shortly like those and only in bed.

The Barrel

Is like the Pot just deeper and harder. All sucks. We never feel good where we are beside in our own rooms. In the end effect if those programs are  not erased sooner it drives us into a  monk way of life meditating alone. The Barrel also makes others reject you. It also makes us seek club sexuality, as if it is the higher goal than children and marriage, which suddenly seems .embarrassing

Django, the Loner

This tops the isolation spells and needs the energies of a whole circle of friends. In the previous programs all have been prepared to have a major fight where all have to wish to  never see each other anymore. This then happens, all split apart and those combined negative energies send by all to each other fuel it. The victim suddenly rejects most of his old friends, only the ones who where not included in the wish are not really effected. At the beginning.
This spell makes all think, oh the attacked person needs no attention and does not wish to come to parties, diners and so on. On the other side the victim thinks shyly that no one wants to see him or her anyhow so he or she stays away. An seeks to be alone. The powers to go out and meet people then go to the attacker. The django makes angry about all, and sadness comes after of being so angry. It also makes people gossip about each and the especially the victim. He somehow seems strange and all awkward what is coming from him and years later even who comes with him gets into a category of being strange. This is to also steal the victims closer friends that really love him and also stabilize his soul field and aura with good will, thoughts, love and automatically light which keeps up the security of a persons body and aural field. It is not really possible to attack a loved person with a lot of friends and family, in such a way.

Body Charge

The first sex spell. It makes the child prepared for sexual experiences and horny, attracting masturbation.

Fritz The Cat

This spell is build up like the cartoon movie. It makes us seek drugs, sex, group sex, and looks out for the wrong friends. Makes us sloppy, untidy, corrupt, seeks danger, loveless, hating feelings occur. It also makes the girls smile at you, but then let you drop and go with others, that then get your energies by creating jealousy. It can be programmed too either make you only have sex but in this case it makes the person horny when no one is around and when somebody is there it says, also with feelings, oh we are just good friends and can talk, denying sex, especially if the persons love each other. It tries to get the loving counterpart on friends, stimulating them to seek the victim with them , to have sex together, also because all like each other. It makes the victim masturbate. Those energies then get stolen to be put on others. This program makes you hungry for everything what is not good, creates distrust and destroys harmony in circles of friends and relationship.

Little Nicky Screenshots...

The Jerk

This speaks for it self. It makes us to constantly masturbating sexually distorted people. Making you do it , stealing the energies for their purposes and then telling you how bad you are. It has to be mentioned that all those spells enable the creators to communicate in thought quality. They spy on us us and weave appropriately the programs.

John Lock the Train Rider

This program is really evil. It seeks only pornography, especially group sex. It invites constantly to shiver how sexually one feels looking for sex. It also communicates with the other person making them attracted to only have sex. This program can be altered to either make the victim freak out, or lame. If the black priest needs some energy it makes the victim come once and fall asleep later, to use the energy for their own orgy. To program this incestuous, negative hard core sex spell, the makers create nymphomaniacs from childhood on such a spell is programmed. Though also swinger orgies can suit a quickly made one. In this case they also made a nymphomaniac seek the victim to invite him to group sex. This one of the persons manipulated to seek the victim as if he is the only being to fulfil her wishes and create a harmonious family feeling.  They have been recording her from early childhood on, divorcing her family, making the parents addicted to porn, leading the child to those movies... The victim in this case only found out about this through non stop meditation where he found her peace's within him and with it the story which explained her extremely happy behaviour to see him , once even telling him that she is bisexual and into kinky stuff. Only the angels of god where able to save both of harming them even further with those men and women in the back, programming this evil game.
This program also makes the victim hurt others in bed and seeking anal sex.

Screenshots from Little Nicky...

Bacardi shows how a spell feels like within the body, when you look into the bat...

The Bulldog

This one makes grumpy, negatively judging others, other goals and no one wants to come back to you, as a solution for their problems, avoiding you makes them hear supportive thoughts, like you are good away from me and so. It seeks to run away from others.

The Horse

Makes you seek love but avoid it later to turn hating, the donkey is the follow up and even tries to split up whole new cycles of friends and such. It hates love and any connection which is real and deep. It tries to make superficial and enjoyed about each other.

The Indian

Attacks each and every one, always indulging without work, alcohol oriented, a drug nightmare causing, selfish ignorant and proud of it to be the hardest anti guy of the world. Makes you a rebel against evil while lets you making it like surpressing others and so on. One always want to feel upset angry, grumpy seeking negativity and negative projection of outcome of projects and such. Deeply anal. Wants anybody inferior. Seeks a job but refusing it. Seeks hard core amusements, like hard core music films and so on . Horror is the favourite. It creates a satisfaction t get angry and tries to induce weaknesses and loveliness.

The Cowboy

Seeks the underground, always looking for hatred movies and such. Deeply insecure tries to raise all but has no stamina to put it through. Makes you angry about all and oneself hating each other. Makes others aggressive against the victim. Is enjoyed and a maniac, would love to shoot all, making ideas of killing and seducing others to follow. Goals are negative or repressive towards positive ones. No one cares anymore about the person hit but also about each other. The people behind that weave it on into circles of friends so they seek new ones, leaving others, talking bad about them.

The Musketeer

Seeks aggressively power, trying to go up changing all aggressively. Seeks hate and lust, greed and selfishness, destroying other perspective and once own. Making mad goals,  unreachable so they fail and lead into devastating  dismotivation to even try to do something again. Wants only hard core sex. Gives anal, want to have intrusion into once own digestive system. Wants odd things to happen like bad luck for others. Infiltrating us with negative feelings.

Witch spell

Hurts you all over, makes you addicted to insane ideas looping around in you giving  a shiver of fear hate and ugly feelings like distorted suicidal dreams. The attacker are then already small animals and in their final stages of life. They are all evil and project it to soothe themselves. It creates  control about the victim towards negativity. It seeks all potential of the attacked person to hurt others and make addicted to aggressiveness and pornography of animal and childhood seduction of faeces distortion and family sex. It seeks young children and damages all what it can, love, success, luck, good ideas and so on. Totally doubting others and reducing them to nothing, while the others have similar thought. It reduces us to feelings of being nothing against all, mental diseases of all kinds stick with it.  


you can see this aura is healthy, these have alot of trouble, his aura is strong though has some dark spots, they heal, and she is spelled
this is her new blood shield!!! This person is not the victim of this anubis but sufferd similarely.

This Person is spelled with a witchdr. , anubis and several other ones.

He Performs photographable electromagnetic projection within his auric field, this is essential to later also be able to alter matter like Uri Geller

Physical Symptoms of a blood spell.

We all know that stress causes often neck or other pains, but especially back pains. Interesting is that stress anger, self hatred and so on can be also seen on an aura photograph. This leads to the assumption that those energy fluctuations and dark spots on our aura leads to pain. This was also the case in this medical report about a spell. You can clearly see the holes of an already healing aura in shape of a Viking. This spell is described in the Negative Program Chapter. The victim in this case had dramatic aura failures, so intensely corrupted by the attackers that he had sever pain in his whole body. Worse than a broken leg. The victim said it was much worse than his double open tremor brake, when he was in hospital, without using painkillers. He suffered back then also from a broken shoulder, colour bone and ribs as well as internal bleedings and a light head injury. The next text describes the pains felt by the victim:

Intense feelings of hating nymphomania with a huge sexual desire to be filled into all body openings while also intruding with his genitals. While  being sexually amplified he felt extreme loneliness, sadness, hatred and anger. Most warmth was gone out of the body. He constantly had the feeling to hit somebody or kick somebody. The closer this person was the more he had this feeling. He also had cramps in his whole body, stitches, from the outside and inside, self knowing muscular knots. He suffered severe faecal feeling cramps as if he had to loose all spreading it around him, licking it. Furthermore he felt the intense impulse to scratch and cut himself. Intense feelings to scratch others or himself, while hitting is head on every corner, or feeling the others hit their heads while thinking of them.
Further he had extreme neurosis in form of tensions, anxiety, and aggressions. He had the symptoms of schizophrenia, where it showed that the voices he heard have been his own soul parts reprogrammed by the attackers. Also interesting was that a part of him suffered severe psychosis, making up stories and tales of all kind. All higher senses have been blockaded. No telepathy or any kind of foreseeing or so possible. Intuition and all other senses have been negatively altered to give him negative information, but also others that turned then angry with him. Instead he always heard the most horrible stories about him and others in his head but also aurally , which is like hearing it. His eyes suddenly received less light. As if his eye vision got sucked up, which was a short time so intense that we have a separate chapter on this "The Negative Powers of the Universe". He felt as if a big strudel, a rotating vacuum went down from his head beneath his feet. Further into his soul. This break in his soul did not end in his body it went further into the aural field around him. All shakras have been blockaded, it felt as if someone constantly choked his throat. It was like a strudel with branches going into all body parts, sucking painfully from within. His  muscles where totally screwed around and a constant strain was in his teeth, his bones, his brain felt like folded and cramped, they have been in his Central nervous system. He had knots in his head, eyes, cheek bones and so on.
Further he felt intense aggressions against himself and others, these had to be surpressed. The symptoms have to be described as nymphic, schizophrenic, clinically depressed,  psychotic, psychopathic hating, with forced narcissistic  necrophile symptoms, combined with allergies, headaches, and muscular pains that moved in his body. They introjected him soul parts that where moveable in his body and later came out of him from his back through channels into his stomach and then into the trash can. The pictures with the introjection are in this report, or at least what came out of his body. It was like Satan's hand in his body, playing around in his nervous system. A constant fear tried to grab him but this would have been fatal. Never follow the fear, he somehow knew though that he would come out of this and knew that fear gives away our powers. The feelings of hopelessness, senselessness, dismotivation, total loss of physical energies and also thought processes, made it difficult to survive from the period from 1999 to 2003 in this intense state, before they did not have his blood, only hair and socks, more to this in a witness statement to the police. All was rated negative. Only prayer and meditation, as well as the knowledge about psychoanalysis helped him out if this inner and outer terror. One of the worst feelings though for him has been the extreme tickling on his skin. A friend of the victim, a reiki master felt a static tickling around him. This was so negative that it made the lust to peel of once own skin. It turned out that the tickling was not an outer being but a storm like energy fluctuation around him, consisting of his own soul and aural peace's that have been split apart by the attackers.

Building up a purple aura with constant meditation as well as angel callings, healed all those symptoms and social problems like his 18 year lasting family fight. The victim found out that the whole soul is directly connected to all muscles and so on, if the soul being contain the satanist misinformation all gets misplace to another place than the muscle cells  usually belong to. The victim discovered that the body aura and soul system works like a computer and that the religions are the utility programs of our soul. The aura is our firewall in a bionet. By meditating he erased the negative emotion or whatever information while the muscles, breath by breath clicked back to the positions they belong to. SO either the patient was erasing the programs out of his body soul system or they wrote themselves further into the body and mind. Interesting is that mental disturbances are also miss programs in our soul, done by teachers, friends, parents and our selves if we start following those negative settings into deeper disturbances, like neurosis which is untreated leads into psychosis, as Freud found out.

Reaction of the environment on the Spell.

It is important to mention that when such a spell is placed it changes the thought, feeling, emotion and so on. Altering the culture not only from the victim but also from all his friends and foes. The heart and thoughts that usually send something nice or connect, or advise each other, often subconsciously change to negative because those levels negatively. So the usually nice thoughts telling friends of the victim, like a couple, how nice they are and how happy you are that they are together, suddenly turn negative to seduce to for example fights or other sexual partners, it depends what energies the spell is using, and then split them apart with negative thoughts... Friends suddenly make bad deals or get fired just because they help the victim, or they lend away all their money in blind trust and all borrowers do not pay back, in this case the speller where even able to make the bankrupt person sell 1 kg of speed to the police to get arrested and in prison. Another friend, who helped the victim of this report moving, suddenly turned nuts on drugs, betrayed his wife and helped to shoot somebody drunk on cocaine with a gun they played around with. Other sold their business, that have been just opened not even running a year for a big loss. All forget to pray, meditate and come to contact with God. The ones who meditated loose their interest in doing so, something says "no no i have no time, something else is more important...", others are prevented of even listening to each other and especially towards the victim. Because all shakras are infected, their energy stolen, the people are not able to hear and understand the villain properly anymore, or feel him properly, s suddenly all turns cold, when the others send him thoughts or love or a mental handshake, a cold hand comes back. Most retreat in anger or puzzlement sending anger or ignorance, which is recorded, while the harder ones get spelled too because they have been lead to real hate or aggression, or theft, lies, back stabbing and so on. Their bad habits get amplified and surveyed!!! Even the ones sticking with the victim because their souls are connected for so many lives refuse prayer and protection with white magical methods. All think the person is crazy when it tries to warn the others. Its like all staring on the victim while it is beaten up daily, but not only he or she is tortured but also friends and family and anybody connected mentally like politicians or leaders of industries that we think of, they suddenly feel depressions, or hear negative thoughts too, but the hard negations are more in the closer circle of friends and family business partners and so on.
    The attackers try to also attack them with appropriately segregating and negativity enhancing programming, like drug addictions, making bad business, leading circles of friends to fight and split away, to isolate all, with all convincing powers a soul has which makes them loose it, and us negative. Everybody who obeys their programs stays in the spot dark of those attackers, once they are able to lead actions it becomes more easy for them to continue this. It like a disease trying to alter a cell to produce the virus.
    The whole attack is like the splitting of an atom. Like in physics the atom, the person needs to be isolated to be split apart, like Otto Hahn did with the atom. In our reality other methods are used, using other frequencies and so 
on to isolate the victim from love and projective shelters of all cells, which we are in this physical sensual part of the universe, but the result is the same. Also through the abuse of ESP (often subconscious for people) the cell gets split apart. Intense energies come to the attackers and are then used by them to get a chain reaction going in the hole region of the soul, the more developed it is, the more re-incarnated the stronger the impulse becomes on the city, the nation or even the planet. This is also why nuclear power is so hazardous, it is destroying the core of matter and life, turning it into poison products.
    Interesting is also that women are more likely to get manipulated, first because they compromised themselves to much, turning to narcissists, often being surpressed or ignoring and surpressing others because their oestrogen's makes them so vulnerable to obey, we often do not let them become really independent to find their talent because they easier say yes to repression against them. More important is to say that they have a higher sensing of all, they are more lead by feeling and emotions, but also by intuitions and thoughts like all,  but these are easily manipulated and the sensitive women react easier on such impulses (they had to sense early to protect them and their children of enemies), often to the negative because suddenly they gain feelings of power reducing the victim, seemingly having extra sensual powers given to them by the spell about others, more to this in the chapter Fritz the Cat, and The  Mouse.

These are screenshots with magical backgrounds and from artists out of the movie Night at Mc Cools.


The following pictures are from the German movie lammbock.

The third picture shows a guy dressed with an big M on a red and blue jacket. He weares a hat with a crossed through jesus cross. In this movie he is only cursing (they say tourette syndrom) in this screen shot he says a typical satanist expression Fuck Shit, he continues as such within the movie...

This Report is still under construction and finished till end of october/november.

Here some Counterspelling powerfull white Angel Magic... try it with lots of love and patience...

The Victim (star sign tiger /picies) with OTO in the bush...

A powerful Family Spell Breaker

Psalm 23 Ger. Version

Psalm 23 Engl. Version

after using psalm 23  you can meditate with one of the 72 angels of mercury which you can find in iris rinkenbachs books that is using Franz Bardons Works, meditate with rebirthing breathing techniques and after if you want hours (its like kundalini) call the arch angels with the lesser banishing ritual, also give them thoughtfully your respect and work always with a lot of work for all what you can imagine.

 A Lesser Banishing Ritual

Kleines Pentagram Ritual

here some of the angels taken out of franz bardons works by Iris Rinkenbach... the rest of the medical report is going to follow

1.) Damabiah, Lord please  turn to us to us, have mercy of your servants . Meditate for 15 minutes with an angel and learn his abilities. Just take one with you every day.
       - Against black magic, for success, heal disease and wisdom -

     Damabiah Herr wende dich uns doch endlich zu hab Mitleid vor deinen Knechten

2.) Jeliel But you lord don't stay away from me you my strength fasten to help me.
- To amplify love, to get stolen goods back, within our Karma respect and wealth, against all sorts of riots on the planet easing tensions -
Jeliel: Du aber Herr Halte dich nicht fern, du meine Stärke eile mir zu Hilfe

3.) Hariel;  But my castle is the Lord, my God is the mountain of my retreat.
- To be liked by important people, against gossipers or heretics & much more -
Hariel; Doch meine Burg ist der Herr, Mein Gott ist der Berg meiner Zuflucht.

Vehuia -  You Lord are my Shild, my God you are my honour
- Will, trust, belief and understanding, success in any venue and to be enlightened with Gods Spirit -
Vehuhia- und Psalm 3 Vers 4: Du aber, Herr, bist ein Schild für mich, Du bist meine Ehre

Sitael; You my lord are retreat and castle for me, my God whom I trust in.
- Telepathy, akasha chronics, protection against all odds as weapons and dangerous animals -
Sitael- Psalm 91, Vers 2 Du bist für mich Zuflucht und Burg, mein Gott, dem ich vertraue.

Elemiah; Lord please look for me and save me, in your mercy come to help me.
- To control ones own destiny, to cover up traitors and against depression -
Elemiah - Psalm 6, Vers 5: Herr, wende Dich mir zu und errette mich, in deiner Huld bring mir Hilfe.

Mahasia; I searched for the Lord and he heard me, he took all fear away from me.
- For Peace in all Nations, wisdom, to understand the micro- and macro- cosmos, to heal all diseases -
Mahasia - Psalm 34, Vers 5: Ich suchte den Herrn, und er hat mich erhört, er hat mich all meinen Ängsten entrissen.


Lelahel; Sing for the Lord, he is throning on Zion, spread his wisdom to all Nations.
- For art and talents, Earths knowledge,  healing diseases and for enlightenment. -
Lelahel - Psalm 9, Vers 12: Singet dem Herrn, er thront auf dem Zion, verkündet unter den Völkern seine Taten!

Achaiah, The Lord is gracious and mercyfull, gentle and rich in love.
- To overcome obstacles,
gain friendship, patience and natures secrets. -
Achaiah - 103; 8 : Der Herr ist barmherzig und gnädig, langmütig und reich an Güte.

Kahetel ; Come let us fall on the floor, let us bow to him, let us knie down infront of GOD our creator!
- To understand the secrets of weather , for plants, to ask God for blessing to fight bad spirits and ghosts. -
- 95; 6: Kommt laßt uns niederfallen, uns vor ihm verneigen, laßt uns niederknien vor dem Herrn unserem Schöpfer!

Aziel; Think of your mercy Lord and of your loving  deeds because they exist for eternity.
- For material success and respect, peace with enemies, to gain respect of influencial people, to keep promises. -
Aziel - 25; 6: Denk an Dein Erbarmen, Herr und an die Taten Deiner Huld, denn sie bestehen seit Ewigkeit.

Aladiah; Let your mercy rule us Oh Lord because we look up to you.
- Alchemie, chemistry, occult anatomy of humans, to heal disease within karma. To get mercy. -
Aladiah - 33; 22: Laß Deine Güte über uns walten, o Herr, denn wir schauen aus nach Dir.

Lauvia; Praise the Lord. Hail my Mountain. The GOD of my salvation shall be raised high.
- To solve all problems, to ban enemies, calm down thunder and storm as well as to win. -
Lauviah - 18; 47: Es lebe der Herr! Mein Fels sei gepriesen. Der Gott meines Heils sei hoch erhoben.

Hahaia, Lord you're so far away, don't hide in times of need.
- To understand symbols, change enemies into friends, awareness of deep mystical secrets. Against all odds. -
Hahaiah - 10; 1: Herr warum bleibst du so fern, verbirgst Dich in Zeiten der Not?

15) Jezalel; Shout for Joy infront of the Lord, all Nations of Earth, be happy, cheer and sing!
- To be inspired as artists and writers. For the good success and to get recognition of successful people. Fast learning,friendship, loyal marriage, talent. -
Jezalel - 98; 4: Jauchzt vor dem Herrn, alle Länder der Erde, freut euch. Jubelt und singt!

Mebahel; So the lord becomes the fortress for the troubled, a fortress in times of need.
- For peaceplans, against injustice, infront of court. For jusitce and to protect our wealth -
Mebahel 9; 10: So wird der Herr für den Bedrückten zur Burg, zur Burg in Zeiten der Not

Hakamiah; Lord you God of my salvation, i scream for you day and night.
- Against infertility, traitors and helps to success but also frees from surpressors. -
Hakamiah - 88; 2: Herr Du Gott meines Heils zu Dir schreie ich am Tag und bei der Nacht.

)Lanoiah; Lord our ruler, how mighty is your name on Earth, across the heavens you spread your sovereignty.
- Inspires the sciences as technology, chemistry and electronics. Lets us discover the secrets of sounds to become successful with music. Against any depressions. -
Lanoiah - 8; 2: Herr, unser Herrscher, wie gewaltig ist dein Name auf der ganzen Erde, über den Himmel breitest du
deine Hoheit aus.

Kaliel; Lord because i am just, give me justice and do good to me because i am without guilt.
- Helps in mental need, teaches about minerals, herbs, and helps in good white magic. He also finds ous always help. -
Kaliel - 7; 9: Herr weil ich gerecht bin, verschaffe mir Recht, und tue an mir gutes, weil ich schuldlos bin!

Leuviah, I hope , yes i hope for the lord. Then he comes to me because he heard my calling.
- Raises intelligence, memory and common sense. Helps us to make up mistakes as well to prevent sins and to gain Gods mercy. -
Leuviah - 40; 2: Ich hoffe, ja ich hoffe auf den Herrn. Da neigt er sich mir zu und hört mein Schreien.

22) Jabamiah,  At the Beginning God created Heaven and Earth
- Helps ceremonial white magic and to enlightenment. He helps to invent, protects, strengthens and heals body and soul.

23) Pahaliah, Lord Protect my Life of liars, save me of false tongues.
Gives information about the religious systems and their godful ethic and moral on all levels. Helps against blasphemours and enemies of God to help all nations to understand and love God.

24) Nelekael, I my lord trust you, i say "you are my God!"

He inspires our occult writings, gives us lively imagination and leads to good literature.He helps us to become masters and teachers of Gods teachings. He gives us insight about jewlery and herbs in our meditaions and dreams. Protects us of backstabbers, black magic and bad spirits.

25) Melahel. The Lord protects you wherever you go for Eternity.

Teaches nature science, amplifies intuition also to understand it. Protects of weapons and gives security on our travels.

26) Hahuiah  They eye of god is on all who respectfully love him and seek his mercy

Hahuhia protects of wild animals and lets thieves give back their treasuries. Helps us to gain back lost respect and honour, as well the love and mercy of God.

27) Nith Haiah - Lord you are always with us especially in times of need.  (altered from "Lord why are you so far, hiding in times of need")

He teaches the secret mysteries of magic and cabalah. He shows us how to become a wise master of magic, protects us and lets us always uncover secrets.

28) Haaiah - Listen to the loving call of my heart Lord, i am going to always respect your  laws.

Helps to be just and receive justice. He, when we are right, lets us win courtcases. Uncovers treason and helps in diplomacy.

29) Jerathel - Protect me Lord from evil persons, shelter me of violent men.

He makes enemies and friends respectful and friendly. Our language abilities become better with him as well our understanding to gain success. He unvocers liars and criminals.

30) Seeiah - God please do not be far from me. Lord please come to my help.

He protects of war and dangers of any kind.

31) Reiiel - The lord is my compagnion, he always protects my  life.

Explains the cosmic harmony as well as the interrelations of powers. He enables us to understand big concepts of reality, he protects us of blasphmey and enemies of religion. He saves of invisible enemies.

32) Omael  - Lord you are my happyness, my hope from youth on

Omael teaches the knowledge about animals and lets us become their friends while giving them health. He enspires and enlightens us with talents of healing and helps against depressions, hopelessness and gives us patience.

33) Lekabel - I want come to Gods temple our Lord. I only want to glorify his just and big achievements.

While teaching alchemy, he supports our abilities in talking, clear voyance and helps us to enlighten.


Vasariah - The word of the lord is truth all his doing as reliable.

He inspires us multiply and protects us. He helps us to truth and justice, he promotes our talent and supports us against any injust attacks.

35) Jehuiah The Lords advice exist forever, the his loving plans stand for eternity

Helps to succeed in tests and to find friends. He stimulates inner intuitions and eradicates treason and theft, aswell to uncover enemies and traitors.

36) Lehahiah - Israel, stand for the Lord from now to eternity.

Lehahiah protects us of bad weather and on travels, he calms down any storm or anger.

37)  Kevakiah - I love the lord he always listens to my prayer.

He brings peace to the nations and protects of any dangerous influences. He helps us to make peace with the ones we had fights with.

38) Menadel - Lord I love the place where you are, the temples of your magnificence.

Menadel helps when we are emprisoned and teaches astrology, spagyric and alchemy as well the usage of healing herbs. He protects our position and wealth.

39) Aniel - God of us all, give us strength let us understand you then we have help from you.

He inspires arts, compositions, peotry and drama. He increases our talent to write easy about difficult topics of all kinds. He gives us the strength to win and helps to free from siege.

40) Haamiah - The lord is your retreat, you chose the highest for protection.

Helps to fulfill all wishes that make life on earth and destiny easyer. He strengthens us in our work to find inner and outer riches. He makes us reach all treasures of heaven and earth.

41) Rehael - Listen to me Lord, please  be gracious God and be my helping hand.

Like Rehabilitation, he heals disease and helps us against drug abuse. He protects our families and children and stimulates healing powers against all disease.

42) Ieiazel - Why am i not closer to you lord and why do cover your face from us all?

He helps us out of injust prison and out of the power from enemies. He can change them to friends and eradicates disharmonies in our souls. He stimulats talent and helps to success. He consols us and helps out of difficult relations.

43) Hahahel -
Lord Protect my Life of liars, save me of false tongues.

He strengthens trust, also into God and helps against sinners and slanderers.

44) Mikael - The Lord protects you of all evil he shelters your life.

Mikael supports good politics and diplomacy while giving us the ability to foresee. Seucure travels are guaranteed. He uncovers cospiracies.

45) Vebuiah - Lord i send you my love, every morning i come to you with my prayer.

He heals wounds and inspires healing powers. Protects us of enemies and lets us see through their plans as long there is no abuse of the knowledge. He eredicates enemies and frees form slavery and repression.

46)  Ielahiah - Lord please take  my love to you and teach me your decissions.

Ielahiah helps to success and magic healing powers. He lets our courtcases and businesses run well.

47) Sealiah - Wenn i am in danger please come and help me  Lord whom I love.

He gives us justice and lets us become masters. He convicts evil people and leads their to humility. He lifts up the low ones and fallen ones.

48) Ariel - The Lord is good to all, his mercy rules all his works

He cleanses us und teaches us the gift of prophecy, as well to understand natures concept. He gives us revelations.

49) Asaliah - Lord your achievements are so much! You made them with wisdom, Earth is full of your beings.

He gives us ballance and lawfulness . He also teaches our previous lives. He stimulates friendship and justice for all. He helps to honour God and find enlightenment.

50) Mihael - The Lord has spread his blessings showing them to us all, he uncovered his just work infront of all nations eyes.

Mihael helps against infertility and teaches alchemy. He can help us to alter cheap metals into valuable ones. He supportf friendship and loyalty. He promotes peace and harmony between partners and friends. He protects our children.

51) Vehuel - Giant is our lord and we should cherish him highly, his size is undiscoverable.

Vehuel teaches the akasha chronicle und helps against sadness and leads to a worryless and peaceful live. He gives peace to our souls.

52) Daniel - The lord is gracious and mercyful, patient and rich in kindness.

He supports the godful virtues and increases intuition und the ability to judge. He helps to find mercy and love of God.

53) Hahasiah - The magnificence of our God lasts eternally, he should be happy about his works.

Hahasiah teaches the holy sciences like astrophysics, astrochemichs, alchemy, magic and the kabbalah.  He amplifies our healing abilities and lifts up our souls to understand all mysteries.

54) Imamiah - I want to thank our lord, he ist just in his  name, i want to praise and play for the highest.

Imamiah helps us to have fun and god talk. He is able to free us out of emprisonment as far as our karma allows. He eradicates the power of enemies and protects our  escape or time in prison.

55) Nanael - Lord I know your decissions are just you made me your helping hand because you lovingly care for me.

Nanael teaches how to care propperly about animals. He develops our spiritual growth.

56) Nithael - The Lord has build his throne in heavens, his loving might brings the Universe forward.

Nithael stimulates our talents when we dedicated us to higher ideals, then he helps us succeed and become sympathized. He leads us to Gods mercy and strengthens us for a long life.

57) Mebaiah -  You lord throne for ever your name is lasting through all generations.

He helps us to success, honour, enlightenment and consolation. He helps us to God children when we want any and protects them.

58) Poiel - The lord backs all the who fall and lifts up the broken ones.

He helps us to all what we need in our Jobs and our lives.

59) Nemamiah - All who love the lord, trust him he is your helper and your shield.

He teaches technological understanding and helps us to invent. He increases intuition and teaches the secrets of alteration. He secure success and frees out of emprisonment.

60) Jeialel - My soul is troubled, but you lord give me shelter. (from - my soul is deeply disturbed, but you lord, how long do you need to help me)

He teaches magic and lets us grow to masters of all spheres. He protects us of depressions and heals all diseases.

61) Harahel - From sunrise to nightfall the name of the lord should be praised.

Harahel he helps to give birth and protects the bearing. He gifts us with insights about stock  markets and helps us to have brave and calm children while letting them unfold their souls freely.

62) Mizrale - Just is our Lord in all what he does, he his full of passion.

Religious science and its philosophy is taught by him, but also skills in our profession. He heals all mental and physical diseases and frees us of those who hunt us.

63) Umabel -The name of the lord shall be praised from now to eternity.

He increases wisdom and a satisfied life and find the friendship of men and woman.

64) Jah- Hel - Look lord how much i love your laws, in your mercy increase my strenght.

He helps to a good relation to animals and helps to concentrate in our meditation to find and develop our godish virtues to gain wisdom.

65) Anianuel - Serve the lord with love and turn to him in times of need  (from Serve the lord in fear and kiss his feet in earthquakes)

He heals our disease, helps in trade and moneybusiness as well to realize inventions. He protects of all accidents and diseases.

66) Mehiel - But the eyes of the lord see all who love and honour him, the ones who look for his kindness.

He lifts all universal secrets and protects of all ugly things.

67) Manakael - Lord don't leave me, do not stay far my God!

He treats all diseases connected to the moon influence. He helps to find lost things and to calm Gods anger while healing Epilepsia.

68) Eiaiel - Be happy about the Lord. He gives you all what your heart craves for.

He leads us on the way of perfection, enlightenment, honour and respect. He consolates in difficult times to gain wisdom.

69) Habuiah - Thank the lord he is loving and his mercy lasts for ever.

Habuiah helps to heal and keeps us healthy.

70) Rochel - The lord is gracious and just, he is always mercyfull.

He grants justice and helps us to find lost things.

71) Haiel -  I want to praise the lord with a strong voice, cherish him infront of all.

He amplifies our magic and leads out of difficult situations. He uncovers bad people and frees us of those who surpress us. He leads to God so we can enjoy his protection.

72) Mumiah - Come calm down my heart, the lord did good to you.

Mumiah helps to heal and in intellectual aspects. He helps us to build the stone of the wise and in alchemy. He leads our mystic works to success.*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*

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