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rjrey109 wants to directly connect.
Mattimeo9 is now directly connected.
Mattimeo9: hmmm
rjrey109: this is just for my personal reference
rjrey109: Robertjreyes [10:45 PM]: DAMNIT
Robertjreyes [10:45 PM]: hwo do u find the tangent line
Mattimeo9 [10:45 PM]: i have a way i think
Mattimeo9 [10:45 PM]: you have the x point
Mattimeo9 [10:45 PM]: plug that in the equation to get y
Mattimeo9 [10:46 PM]: take the derivative of the equation and then plug in x to get the slope
Mattimeo9 [10:46 PM]: then you have a point and a slope and you can find the equation of a tangent line
Robertjreyes [10:47 PM]: ehh?
Mattimeo9 [10:47 PM]: that should work
Robertjreyes [10:48 PM]: i'm lost
Mattimeo9 [10:48 PM]: you want the equation for a tangent line right
Robertjreyes [10:49 PM]: yeah
Robertjreyes [10:50 PM]: like lets try 1a
Robertjreyes [10:50 PM]: the equation is x^2-3
Mattimeo9 [10:50 PM]: ok
Robertjreyes [10:50 PM]: and x0 = 2.2
Mattimeo9 [10:50 PM]: yeah
Robertjreyes [10:50 PM]: how do i find the tangent line
Mattimeo9 [10:52 PM]: well ok
Mattimeo9 [10:52 PM]: the y point is 1.84 if you plug in the x value
Robertjreyes [10:53 PM]: yeah ok
Mattimeo9 [10:53 PM]: the derivative of the eqation is 2x
Mattimeo9 [10:53 PM]: so the slope would be 4.4
Robertjreyes [10:53 PM]: yeah i got that
Mattimeo9 [10:53 PM]: ok
Mattimeo9 [10:53 PM]: so use point slope form or whatever
Mattimeo9 [10:54 PM]: y = 4.4(x - 2.2) + 1.84
Robertjreyes [10:54 PM]: and i forgot what it was
Robertjreyes [10:54 PM]: k
Robertjreyes [10:54 PM]: ooooooh ok
Robertjreyes [10:54 PM]: thanks
Mattimeo9 [10:54 PM]: so y = 4.4x - 7.84
Mattimeo9 [10:54 PM]: sure
Mattimeo9 direct connection is closed.