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  • Nero Burning Rom version is used for this tutorial.
Welcome to one of the most useful and best burning programs available. If you have never used Nero now is a good time to start. This Tutorial is for burning the NRG Images that are created by Nero, it is another very simple to use Tutorial, which no adjustments to the settings are needed. You can find Nero in many Hubs.
  • Where can I get Nero Burning Rom

  • Nero Burning Rom Demo can be download by clicking the Icon  below.

  • How do I Nero Burning Rom

Nero Usually comes as a Self extracting exe file, just double click the Nero file, and an automated self installer will start, just follow the on screen prompts to install.

  • How do I use Nero Burning Rom

When you first run Nero, you will be presented with the Nero Wizard Window, for our purposes the Wizard is not needed, so you may close it.

Also if the New Compilation Window opens, you can close that aswell, as that is not needed either.

Once that is all done, the next step is to locate your `nrg` Image for burning.
Select `File>Burn Image. A browser window will open up, for you to locate your `nrg` image, when you have located it, highlight the file and press `Open` or Double Click the Image file.


Once the `nrg` image has been selected, the `Write CD` window will open.
As you can see all the settings are automatically done for you, so there is no need to change anything. press the `Write` button and the Burn process will start.


When you Nero has finished burning your Image File, you will see the following window.

If you get any other error, make sure you have a recent copy of Nero, make sure you insert a blank cdr before you start recording, other errors could occur due to the `nrg` Image not being complete or some other error with it.



Nero Burning Rom Tutorial, designed & created by Pete of Dreamcast Net