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Custom WebPage Design

Pricing List

All Prices Are Based On Six Dollars An Hour Of My Time
Not An Out Of This World Price Like Web Design Companies
The WebSites I Make Are Hand Typed By Me, Not Some Program
Depending on How large and what type of Site you want, Prices are $450 and above.

Basic SetUp Fees (Required):
EMail + Voice and Fax Number: $30
Setting up your Account and A Sample WebPage: $75

Final WebPage Costs:
Minimum Hobby or Family HomePage ( 5 Pages Included ): $450
Minimum Small Business WebPage ( 5 Pages Included ): $650
5 Additional Pages for Site: $200
E-Bay Account Set up with 5 Items Included: $80
Seperate WebPage with Pictures of your Item (Includes Taking 4 Photos): $10 Each
5 Additional E-Bay Items: $55

Optional Additions to WebPage:
(This Goes to Purchasing the Service on The Web, Not To Me)
Domain Name Charge: $200
Web Hosting With Domain Included: $75 For Domain and $300 in Web Hosting a Year
Submitting Your WebPage to Search Engines like: and others: $50
(If your site is not submitted, It won't be listed when a search is done,
Only those that know the Address can find it.)

Prices Subject to Change Depending on the Current Price
for DNS Names and Hosting Services are on the Market.

This page last updated the 2nd week of December, 2002