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London Taxi

  • Traditional black London taxi cab for sale, available from April 2004.

  • Fully functional - has just been driven from the east coast

  • Automatic Gearbox, Diesel engine, 7 seats (2 upfront, 5 in back).

  • New Injectors, Glow plugs and fuel injection pump!!!

  • Located Vail, Colorado. Now has Colorado title.

  • $12,000

  • Built April 1977, fully refurbished inside and out.

  • Out of all the legally imported London Taxis in the USA, this vehicle is probably in one of the best conditions both mechanically and in terms of bodywork/interior. In order to be legally imported, vehicles must be over 25 years old, which then exempts them from EPA and DOT requirements. That means this vehicle is probably the youngest legally imported London taxi in the USA, being only 26 years old.

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Page last updated 24th December 2003