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Class of 1962

2007 Biographies

~ M1 ~

Judy MARCH Habib
106 Iceland Drive, Huntington Station, New York 11746
Phone: 631-423-1298
E-mail address:

In December, I got a phone call from Carol Nelson Andrews setting up a CNR mini-reunion in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For some of us, it was the first time seeing each other in decades! Besides Carol, Hollie Bagley Gallivan, Carol Gill Clifford and Joan Donavan were able to come. It was wonderful catching up with each other (and also Rose Marie Gallace via phone and email) and hopefully next time more people can come.

The biggest difference in our lives in the last five years has been the arrival of three little joys, our grandsons, Zachary, Aidan and Kyle. Our daughter, Christina completed medical school and is now doing a family practice residency in Delaware where her husband, Scott, is an ob/gyn. Along the way, she found time to have Zach and Aidan. I was at Aidan’s birth and though babies have been born since time began, it was wondrous! Our son, Peter, a NYC music producer, and his wife, Tram a teacher, have the newest little wonder, Kyle. We love them all and are so lucky to see a lot of them.

Recently, I was driving with Christina near New Rochelle and I told her I used to drive on that same parkway every day to CNR and she wanted to see it. It was good but somehow bittersweet to visit and see the changes on the campus, and what was still the same. Christina said it looked like a mini-Duke with its lovely grey stone buildings.

We have done some traveling in the last few years. Naguib and I rented an apartment in Switzerland again and also took mini-trips to France and Italy from there. Christina and I went on another Girls’ Getaway, this time with a little Guy, Zach, to Southern California. This past year, we have made countless trips to Townsend, Delaware where we built a home on a golf course in a 55+ community. It is close to Christina and not that far from Peter and there is plenty of room for them and their families to visit. We will not move there permanently for a couple of years since we are busy here on Long Island getting our rental properties ready to sell.

Hope to catch up with you again in five years, if not sooner.

85B Heritage Hills Drive, Somers, NY 10589
Phone: 914/617-2008
E-mail address:

As for everyone I suppose, for me the past five years have been a mix of sorrows and joys. I lost my father, a beloved aunt and uncle, and a dear friend so suddenly that a year later his absence from my life is still hard to fathom. I have been (and I don't think it’s too strong a word) distraught about the war, the devastation in Iraq, the sectarian violence, the loss of life, the horrible injuries of the wounded. And my sister, after fifteen years in remission, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer last spring. Still, the tumor was small, and the prognosis good, so there is that to be grateful for. And so much else. There’s been some very good theater in New York, beautiful art exhibitions, and exciting ballet. I've been to as much of all as I could manage, and to dance recitals, school plays, christenings, confirmations, cousins’ parties, the usual plethora of happy family events. I've visited England two or three times, to see my godsons and friends and as much art and theater as possible. I went to a gorgeous wedding in Napa, and afterward spent a few days with friends in San Francisco, Oakland, Cambria, and Los Angeles. I've gone to Rhode Island for weekends with Eileen Gallagher Harrington and Enid McGrath Flaherty, enjoying their wonderful hospitality and John Harrington’s delicious cooking. As often as we can, Marie Squerciati and I visit Kathy Burns Hendrix in D.C., where Kathy not too long ago took us to the FDR Memorial, which I never had seen before. (I think members of Congress should be made to visit it at least once a year.) When Marie’s beautiful and talented daughter, Marina, appeared in a play in Albany last fall, Eileen and I organized a theater party with Maureen Daly Nyilis who lives in nearby Delmar, the first time I'd seen “Renee” and her husband, John, in twenty years. (We all stayed up far too late trying to catch up.) And I've just returned from three weeks in Sicily and Rome, a trip full of the most marvelous sights and sounds and tastes. (I can now tell anyone who wants to know the best restaurant in Syracuse.) When not traveling, I've been working on my new book, which, I hope, will be published in early summer.

Cathy McCABE Ronan
E-mail address:

Moved to Maine. When we lived in Larchmont, I met many CNR undergrads who asked to do community service projects at the community hospital in New Rochelle where I worked. Maine is a great place, but I do miss the NY scene and all my kids who still live there. Toni Giangrande stopped by for an overnight visit this summer on her way back home from a trip “downeast”.

Enid McGRATH Flaherty
68 Bayberry Ave., Wakefield, RI 02879
Phone: 401-789-7832
E-mail Address:

In Sept. I went to Haiti with a medical group for a week, and in February went to new Orleans to help with the clean up. I'm doing some writing, counseling at a domestic violence resource center, and just got my foster care provider license to provide respite care to foster families once in a while. I am living in an old summer cottage near the beach in Rhode Island, very blessed by the beauty of my surroundings and the solitude. Looking forward to reunion.

Pat McKEOWN Graham
50 Iler Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748-3323
Phone: (732) 671-4353, Cell (732) 757-6363
E-mail Address:

I finally retired in July of 2003 from the NYC Board of Education, now the Department of Education, after 35 years at the NYC School for the Deaf both as a teacher and as a coordinator. My husband, Michael, retired two years before me and was waiting for me to join him. The transition of being together 24/7 gave me a few gray hairs at first. I was used to being out of the house by 5:30 each morning without seeing anyone. However we both enjoy traveling and have made good use of our time. In the winter we have been going to Puerto Rico or Hawaii to escape the cold. In fact we will be leaving for Hawaii February 14th after traveling cross country on Amtrak, something we have always talked about doing. We are stopping in Chicago and Albuquerque to visit family before flying from LA to Honolulu. We are coming back home by way of Las Vegas and Jet Blue. Hopefully it will go well. My husband loves to drive so we take lots of car trips throughout the tri-state area and eastern Canada. We have been going to Atlantic City almost weekly but I can't say that I've been winning. I think of it as a charitable donation. The ride down there and back gives me ample time to enjoy reading a book since my husband can't listen and drive at the same time.

On the home front, our oldest son, Michael, and his wife made us grandparents in March of 2003 with Cooper James. They followed that with Connor Edward in July of 2004 and Makenna Margaret in March of 2006. Since they live only 3 miles from us, we get to see the children frequently and I take them one day a week to give my daughter-in-law a break. Our other 2 sons both live and work in Manhattan, one in Tribeca and the other in Gramercy. Neither is engaged at this time. Maybe by our 50th they will be.

Eileen McNIFF Hussey
1905 Vanston Road, Cutchogue, NY 11935
Phone: (631) 734-5695
E-mail Address: (Note alternate Email in link above)

After officially retiring in 2001 as Assistant Principal at Garden City High School, I continued to work as an interim administrator in several different positions. I was an Assistant Principal (2X), a Director of Curriculum, a Director of Special Ed, and a primary school principal ( this job I loved).

Association, membership chair of the local library support group and a CCD teacher. Last May, I participated in a Habitat for Humanity project in Charleston, South Carolina.

My husband Bob and I moved East to the North Fork of Long Island and are enjoying the lifestyle. We have traveled to Italy twice in the past five years to visit our daughter Angela while her husband, an Army Colonel, was in Afghanistan for a year, now living in Fort Polk, LA. My other daughter, Jennifer, is also a military wife, married to a Navy Lt. Colonel who was on a tour of the aircraft carrier, the Nimitz, and now is on shore duty and living in San Diego. My college roommate, Beth O'Donnell is the Godmother of her little 18 month old girl, Kaitlyn.

For the last 4 years Bob and I have spent some of the winter in Florida. Beth O' Donnell usually manages to spend some time with us in Florida and I see her frequently at home.

I continue to appreciate the friends I made at CNR and the wonderful education that I received from my years there. I am looking forward to the reunion.

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