My Internet Adoptions

I'm a real sucker for this sorta thing, so you'll be seeing alot more of my adoptions in the future.

I'm having problems with my picture links, so the link-backs are text links below.

Meet Cyphon. My pet Demon. Ain't he just the cutest li'l thang ya ever did see?
Get yours at: Adopt-a-Demon

Meet my GothChick. She's Chaotique, named for this site.
Out of the ones up for adoption, Chaotique looks the most like me :p. There's more GothGirls up for adoption,
go visit them at:

Here's Shaylo. Those of you that know me, know I'm a huge dragon fanatic.
Here's my first adopted dragon. I'm certain there will be many more. Visit The Adopt a Dragon Foundation

As I said, many many more to come I'm certain.
Before long, as I get more, I'm going to place them on their separate pages.
Check back again soon.

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