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Animations! This page has all kinds of cool animations... I really love some of this stuff, YOU would too. If nothing else, see the animations!

Games! Self explanitory, everyone likes games of some sort.

Christmas page! Are you ready for Christmas... ?

My Sketchbook! I have many many hobbies, and I have been blessed in them. This is one of them. I love to draw!

Me Stuff! You need to be signed into Yahoo to see this, but it's more about me if you're interested.

FUN! This is where all the cool kids go. Check out the IQ test, stories, and more...

Do you love someone? I DO. Let me TELL YOU WHY .

Thanks for Visiting! OK, Let me tell you about the Headline page... it changes Daily! Yeah! It's news that although is not entirely composed of things you read in the Paper I'm sure would catch your interest. (or at least mine, so if you don't like it... GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE. )

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Ch-Check it out... (very cool sites NOT of me)

Yet another ::HOT:: site. Desktops, anyone?
I love this animation. It's funny and musical (everyone loves that combination)
Leadheavy => this is a HOT site for those into art and comics!
This site has EVERYTHING. it's called How Stuff Works