Cyclone LAX Alumni Association

Welcome Alumni! We have founded the Cyclones LAX alumni association. This is a good thing for a few reasons. #1 we can keep rack of each other, #2 we can support the current team. Membership will work like this: MEMBERS are CC laxers who have graduated with a degree from Centenary College and played at least one year. FAMILY are people who have been associated with CC LAX, be they players who did not graduate or supporters of the team. Membership or Family Fees are $25 per year. This money will go directly to the team. $25 will get you a CCLAX Alumni T-shirt and a spot in the Alumni game. Quit yer bitchin about $25. You know you could spend it in a hell of a lot worse ways.

Class of '02

Ryan Leon Class'01

Scotty Myers '03 and Baillie '02. Zach was around here somewhere too...check the link