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Crispy New Freestyle Meet me meet me meet me meet me don't beat me just meet me. I'm the one house. I'm a mouse from Ecuador. You're a duckling and you're a ducky whore. You like to suck duck dick all day. I like to suck mouse dick all day, too. That don't mean I am a Jew. I am a rat bastuuurd. And I'm a rapper. That's a trapper. I don't like to rap too much 'cause I know I can't do it. But you know what my rhymes are fluid. So I don't wanna lie. I just wanna give you a pizza pie and say that's amoré. That's a whore, eh? Suck my dick all in this glor-ay. It's only three inches but that's okay. You could fit in your throat piece and you don't have to worry about anything. It's a nice little tiny package and you know what it's all yours for the small price of $29.99. So let's go do some lines or we can not do drugs and we could just chill out with my thugs from Westchester, the best jester. We got all the honkeys in the world. We like to peg little girls on the zone coaster and then put 'em in the toaster until they're nice and brown. Until they hear the nice sound o' me rhymin' on timin'. I said I want the diamonds. I want the duckets. I want the buckets. I wanna just say "Fuck it, mom, I don't wanna go to bed. Let me stay up another hour. I'll take a shower in the morning before I got to school. Mama, why you such a fool? Why you gotta play me?" I ain't gauge-y. My dad is. That's why he likes to fuck with other men. That's why he looks like a little hen. That's why he likes to fuck and say he knows about yen, but he's never been to Japan. He should take the frying pan and slap me with it. Yeah, that's what you wanna do, I know it. I learned it from you, dad, I learned it from you. That's why I do this. That's why I drink kris. That's why I drink piss from old businessmen when they piss in my mouth. When they treat me like you, dad. Like you, you, you. I wanna be a Jew like Sammy Davis Jew-nior. Oh, my God - I'm like Junior Mints. Let's talk about that for a second. Vote for ah, fucking wrecking it. I wanna eat butter pecans. And I wanna change my name to Stan the Man. And I want a golden ham for my birthday. Daddy, I want the golden deuce. Daddy, I want a golden moose. Daddy, I want you to nail me in the caboose with your fucking console. I wanna ronsul. Oh, Ronsul, I hate you, Ronsul. I hate when I make up new words but I don't hate when I make up new birds. That's a flying pickamunununu. That's a flying plookalakalaka. Oh, new birds, I love thee. Oh, I love money. And I love Sunny D. Fuck the grape stuff or the purple stuff or the nurple stuff. I just want the orange stuff. I want the white stuff in my hair. I don't use Nair on my back. But I'm a monkey and I get funky and I'm a junky but that'ssss sooooo gravy. Like train. Like the insane muthafucka from New York come with it while I spit it. While I get with it, I'll fuckin', I'll fuck it up, fuck it up for you. For you and your crew. And I'll just say "It's so breezy, easy." I like "peas-y." It's a funny word. I like funny words. I like funny words. Amen.