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One of the best bands to date! They influenced tons of the present up and coming bands. Frontman Rivers Cuomo is a quiet genius with tunes running through his head and onto the guitar... Rivers, without a doubt, is one of the most talented musicians on the earth. Just gonna give a little synopsis of the band...

Weezer , 1992-1994

When Weezer started in 1992, their original line up was - Rivers Cuomo on Electric Guitar and Vocals, River's old time buddy Jason Croppper on Acoustic guitar, sharing vocal duties with Rivers, Matt Sharp on Bass, and Patrick Wilson on drums... around the time Weezer got signed and began recording the Blue Album in 1994, Jason had to leave the band after getting his girlfriend pregnant. Weezer sought after Carnival Art guitarist/then-bassist Brian Bell to take Jason's place.

On the right, This pic is the band since 1994, starting from left, guitarist Brian Bell, bassist Matt Sharp, vocalist/guitarist Rivers Cuomo, and drummer Patrick Wilson.

On the bottom, is a color photo of the band, from left, Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson, Brian Bell, and Matt Sharp