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* The Elms *

Awesome talented four-piece band with music stylings of Rock N'Roll greats such as Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Who, and The Turtles. With talent streaming from four twenty-something men, The Elms play a righteously rocking and infectous section.

I'll get some more pics from the shows I've been to, eventually

so for now, go to the site and learn more


The Elms have the best of luck behind their success (well, with God on their side and all :) ) The songwriting of frontman Owen Thomas, the hard-hitting drummer Chris Thomas, the wailing of the guitar from Thomas Daugherty, and the rhythmic contribution of bassist Keith Miller weave together many a great rock n roll song

pic: From left, lead guitarist Thomas Daugherty, vocalist/guitarist Owen Thomas, bassist Keith Miller, and drummer Chris Thomas

History of the Elms

Coming soon... I just need to double-check some stuff before I post away... accuracy and stuff...