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Canine Help

Our names are Patricia Correa and Michelle Modestino and we have a dream. No, not the dream Martin Luther King had, a different one. Not nessasarily a better dream, but it might still change the world.

Good day to all Web surfers. I have thought so many times of how much I love my cat and dog. If you have pets then you know what I mean. But let me tell you, not many pets have the oppertunity to live with loving and dedicated owners. Instead, they live in homes which cannot offer the love and kindness you give to your pets. They become abused and start to wither away and the, put in a small pound. The pound is so small that, over a short period of time, an animal must be put down. Not a pretty thought. This mostly happens in 3rd world countries but don't be that relieved, because the story I am going to tell you may change your perspective of how much dogs and animals get hurt each day and how little they are being cared for.

I was going on a trip to Nicaragua in Central America. I had not seen my Grandmother in 4 years and I was very excited, but all that soon changed. On the 5th day of the two weeks we were to spend there, we were on our way to a hotel. Suddenly I saw a small building. It basically looked like a large worn out bathroom that looked like it could hardly fit 5 people inside. I glanced at the side door and my eyes widened in disbelief. The sign said, "Pet Shelter." I couldn't believe my eyes, but I stayed silent bearing the heavy heart inside of me. I thought to myself,"How can animals live like that? That shelter is way too small for any capacity of animal!" I saw about 5 dogs jam-packed in one kennel. I felt horrible for them! Then I saw someone come out of the door behind them and he was holding a whip. I didn't bear look anymore. I turned around and thought "I have to do something! I just can't let this happen." I played the scene back an forth through my head and picture my dog and cat in that situation. I couldn't believe people did that! I remembered that moment throughout my whole vacation and it still haunts me.

But we are now doing something to stop this to all animals in Central America. Unfortuantly we can't do it around the world because ae are not rich. But if you would join it would be great and you may not be making the biggest difference, but you may fill the eyes of one animal with the hope of tomorrow. ~ By Patricia

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This is My Dog Chico.

And this is Cricket my cat. I love them both like nothing else!

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