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How to Play Baseball
First you go and get a helmet on and your gloves if you use them. Then you grab a bat and head out to the batters circle and wait for your turn at bat. When it is your turn at bat go to the batters box and get into your stance. For your stance you want to bend your knees a little bit and bring the bat back. When the pitcher pitches the bat you swing at it as hard as you can or you can bunt it. You want to hit the ball before you get three strikes. Dont swing at the ball if it out of the strike zone. The strike zone is from your chest to your knees and over the plate. When you hit or bunt the ball you run as hard as you can to first base. If you can then keep running to second base and on )you might want to listen to your base coach).You want to beat out the ball to the base. Once you reach the base you wait there till somebody else hits the ball then you run to the next base. You keep doing this till you reach home base or untill there is three outs.


First you ask your coach to see what your position is. Then you go out to your position. No matter where you are playing you have to wait to the ball is hit. If you are in the outfield and a pop fly is coming your way you try to catch. You have to get under the ball and catch the ball over your head. If or when you catch the ball you throw the ball into the cut off man. The cut off man should be yelling at you so you should know where he is. If you are playing the infield then what you do is get in starting position. To get into starting position you bend your knees a little bit and get down like you are a gorilla. Then you put your glove down on the dirt and that is the starting positon. Then when you are in positon you wait for the ball to be hit to you. When you get the ball you throw it to a base where you can get a out. If a ball goes to a different player then and the force out is at your base then you need to cover it and wait for the ball to be thrown to you. When your team gets three outs you run back into the dugout and wait for your at bat.

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