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My Favorite Bands




Blink 182's first album. Released as a cassette in 1994 with 21 tracks on it. Kung Fu records re-released Buddha onto Cd in 1998 with 14 tracks. While 7 of the 14 tracks are from "Cheshire Cat", blink's first full length release, some of the songs are different versions.

The Good: Blink 182's first album. Shows the humble beginnings of the punk rock band.

The Bad: Not so good sound quality.

The Rating: 7.5

Overall opinion: Even with the low sound quality the album grew on me. "Sometimes" and "Don't" are now two of my favorite songs.

Cheshire Cat

Blink 182's sophomore album. Given that Buddha was intended to be a demo, it's really the first album. I guess that depends on how you look at it. This album was recorded in a small studio over the course of two days back in 1995.

The Good: More great songs from Blink 182 with great lyrics and good beats.

The Bad: Too short of a Cd.

The Rating: 9.0

Overall opinion: Much more punk rock than blink 182's most recent albums. Not that thats a bad thing. This album has my favorite track on it, "Wasting Time".

Dude Ranch

Blink 182's third album. Released in 1997. This is the album that gained blink 182 all of their momentum and catapulted them into many homes across the country. Without this Cd there might not have been an "Enema of the State" or a "Take off Your Pants and Jacket".

The Good: This album was blink's breakthrough LP.

The Bad: songs aren't nearly as catchy as in their other albums.

The Rating: 7.0

Overall opinion: I liked the beats the songs had in them but Tom sang most of the songs. In my opinion, until "Enema of the State", Mark was the better singer.

Enema of the State

Blink 182's fourth album. Released in 1999. Probably Blink 182's most famous album. Mixed punk rock with pop, which didn't sit to well with many original fans. They were branded as traitors. The only thing that changed besides the drummer was their popularity.

The Good: This album has catchy lyric, good beats, and refined vocals.

The Bad: Too short.

The Rating: 10.0

Overall opinion: Many said that changing drummers from Scott Reynor to Travis Barker was a bad thing, yet that is when they got the most success. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Blink 182's fifth album. Released in 2001. Blink 182 changed the mix of their sound adding a little more punk then what was heard on their last album.

The Good: Great songs, with an increased punk edge.

The Bad: n/a

The Rating: 9.5

Overall opinion: After getting used to "Enema of the State" this Cd sounded a little weird the first listen. But the second time I listened to this Cd I fell in love.

Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park's first album. Released in 2000. Originally Hybrid Theory was the bands name. The six member's make songs mixing heavy metal, hip-hop, and electronic sounds with great lyrics.

The Good: Great Cd could be listened to for hours.

The Bad: n/a

The Rating: 10.0

Overall opinion: I love this Cd. The entire Cd sounds enough alike that if you like one song you like them all, but different enough to not get boring.