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news [10/26/2002 - 3:47 PM]

well the emulation section is finally up.  there is a good bit of resources for emulating multiple video game systems on your computer: super nintendo, neo-geo (this system has lots of good fighting games for those who don't know too much about it), gameboy advance, and nintendo 64.  you should definitely check out this section.

news [10/26/2002 - 12:44 AM]

darkflare and i have put up screenshots of our desktops for you all out there to take a peep at.

doober's desktop  |  darkflare's desktop

well there's not much new for right this moment.  i think i am going to start on the emulation section of the webpage today, so expect that to be up by sunday.  that page will NOT include roms.  we will put up some good emulators and tools for n64 and super nintendo; however, we MIGHT put up some links to some rom sites or tell you a couple places where you can get some roms.

news [10/23/2002]

geez sorry for not updating for about a week or has been kinda full lately.  i just started a new job and i finally got off probation!!! woohoo 4:20!!!  yea it's been like 3 months since i've smoked a blunt so well ya know i gotta get back to my "old ways".  anyways,  i have posted 2 more files i made to download [canned spammer and lock box¹].  check them out in the downloads section.  hmmm....well i don't see much happening with the cgi but i hope you guys give some feedback sometimes.  anyone i hope you all are enjoying black hole because a lot of work was put into it.

news [10/10/2002]

welcome to black-hole online by doober and darkflare.  this page is currently under development and will soon have far more content than ever thought possible.

what is black hole? black hole¹·º is a yahoo messenger full program.  there are tons of features and a couple hidden secrets. you can download the full version of black hole¹·º in the downloads section.

the latest release of black hole is 1.0.0.  this was released on 10.10.02.

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