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welcome to the emulation section of black-hole online.  i will place information on emulation as well as emulators and maybe even a couple places to fiond roms. however, do not email me looking or requesting for roms.

important stuff to know about emulating

roms -a good place to search for roms is by using kazaa. that's where i find ost of mine: try search keywords like "n64, roms" and such. there are lots of systems and roms to be found. i don't like most of the rom webpages out there. they are just a world of pop-ups and 'click here to vote, then you can enter the site'. the best way is to use p2p.

ini files - these files are used by most emulators to let you know what games are: playable, buggy but playable, and non-playable. it is always good to have the most updated ini file you can find on the internet. a good way to search is just go to yahoo and search "(emulator name), ini"

placing roms on website - yes, roms are illegal to an extent. there ARE ways to get around this by posting disclaimers: must delete in 24 hrs unless you have the game, and such. but i am NOT posting roms on this DO NOT email me with requests or any of the like. it would just be too much emails of people asking why their roms don't work and all. i don't really want to be bugged with that kind of stuff.

emulators and plugins

super nintendo emulators

snes9x - this is probably the best super nintendo emulator out right now.  it is very fast and it supported all the roms i have tried to play on it.

neo-geo emulators

neo rage-x version .06 - the most recommended and probably best emulator for neo-geo. note that this is an upgrade from the 0.5 version. you must have 0.5 to use this version.  click link to download .05 installer.

gameboy advance emulators

visualboy advance - a really good emulator for then game boy advance system.

nintendo 64 emulators, files, and plugins

ultrahle - this is an AWESOME nintendo 64 emulator. the only problem is it is limited to the amount of roms playable. the reason being, it doesn't emulate the whole 64, just certain "must have" parts of the system; however, the upside is the games that are playable are totally fucking great quality.

ultraini v2 (2/9/2002) - the latest official ini available.

nemu64 - this is another really good emulator, it's just too bad that work on it has been discontinued.

nemu64 official ini v 3.0.0 - this is the LAST official ini available for nemu64, being work for it was discontinued.

glide64 - this is a graphics plugin for some of the emulators for the nintendo64. it uses api to emulate some aspects of the video card, making your games run much smoother if you have a low-end video card.

glide64 wrapper - download this plugin if your card isn't 3dfx glide based.

glide compatibility list - shows all the games that are playable using the glide64 plugin or wrapper.