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welcome to the black-hole online downloads section. here you can download the latest version of black hole and download other useful tools here too!

filename description this is version 1.0.0 of our full program. a must download! released 10.10.02 here are some runtimes need to run black hole. included: mswinsck.ocx, msvbvm60.dll, comdlg32.ocx (note: these go in windows\system, only download these if you don't already have them b/c this is a rather large download) check out this chat spammer for yahoo (i basically just made it to spread the word about black-hole). you can enter a list of rooms and tell it when to scroll and when to leave the room. then you can leave it turned on and just walk away. i made this to store all my internet accounts. its pretty useful if you have a lot of accounts on the web that you keep forgetting about.
cute ftp a great ftp tool...this is used for upload/download files via a server.
direct connect this is the absolute best p2p client in the world.
dope wars yeah im sure everyone has played the drug wars game on their TI calculator, well this is a very robust version on that classic game.
kazaa 1.7.2 a great p2p client for getting movies, mp3s, and software.
mIRC 6.0.3 a classic irc chat client. there are many bot and eggdrop addons on the internet for this program as well.
win-amp 3.3 the best, in my opinion, mp3 player out there.
win-iso this is a compression / decompression utility for *.iso files. these are cd images (full cd).
win-rar this is a compression / decompression utility for *.rar files
winmx another great p2p client.
yahoo messenger 5.5 yeah well this is yahoo's chat/message need this to be able to download black hole!
win-zip81.exe this is a compression / decompression utility for *.zip files.