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        Welcome to the Simulated Southwest Events Department



                      Upcoming SimSouthwest Group Flights


                                         December 7th, 2003

                                                                                     Oakland nonstop to Phoenix

                        Southwest FLT311 departs KOAK 12:45p PST and arrives KPHX 3:35p US Mountain Time

                                              Route: KOAK SLNT7.LIN.BABIT.OAL.BTY BLH4 KPHX  FL290

                                          December 14th, 2003

                                                        Jacksonville FL. to Islip NY. via Baltimore

          Southwest FLT227/1717 Departs KJAX for KISP at 5:25p EST with a stop in KBWI and arrives KISP at 9:35p EST

                                         Routes: KJAX SSIW SAV CHS JOINT MULLS BLAMO TYI RIC OTT5 KBWI  FL290

                                                                        KBWI PALEO3 SIE J121 SARDI CCC KISP FL210     


                                                                    December 27th, 2003      

                                                               Saint Louis nonstop to Salt Lake City    

                                             Southwest FLT247 departs KSTL at 3:35p CST and arrives KSLC at 5:45p MST

                                      Route: KSTL OZARK3.HLV LNK J60 LAWSN EKR.SPANE4 KSLC FL310


             Simulated Southwest New Years Bash II,  Janurary 1st, 2004

       Let's bring in the new year with our 2nd annual Sim Southwest New Years Bash group flight..  I'm calling this one "The Hang Over Flight".

        For this nonstop flight from LAX to BWI you will need a 737-700 model, and config it just right to make it nonstop.  Are you up for this ?

                                                                                                             Flight Details:

                                                Southwest FLT 2323. Departs Los Angeles at 12:10p PST and arrives Baltimore at 8:00p EST

                                          Route: KLAX LAXX4 TRM PKE DRK J96 SLN J24 MCI J80 AIR J162 MGW EMI3 KBWI   FL370


                            "Flight Packages"                             Company RW channel                

                KOAK-KPHX        KJAX-KISP          KSTL-KSLC                                                                                                          

                                          New Years Bash 2                                                             Download your copy of Advanced Voice Client here


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                                                                   The First Annual Mexican Riviera Run, December 13th 


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