"GOD" for All

Imposing Superior Religion on Everyone?

I did not ask to be born.

More specifically, I did not request myself to be conceived in a womb.
Neither did you.
Neither does anyone.

We might attribute the cause of our conception to our heterosexually-oriented parents.

But it goes deeper than that.

Our parents were similarly conceived by their parents, and on down the ancestral line, way back to who the Genesis record informs us were the first parents of ALL humanity, and thereafter ALL were of the offspring of Noah after the Worldwide Flood. We further ascertain from Scripture that [logically] neither 'Adam' nor 'Eve' conceived themselves in anyone's womb(s) as nonborn infants, but instead (as we learn from the Sacred Book) were created ADULT man and woman by the Creator who also created the environment innately integrated with those first parents of ours.

[Are you beginning to realize that myself and yourself were brought into something not belonging to us in the first place and not of our own choice? We were all BORN into all we perceive and all that exists: INVOLUNTARILY].

Now, I am not going to go down the crazy and idiotic path of anti-reality atheistic facetiousness by belaboring the presumption (NOT assumption) that 'there is no God.' Such RIDICULOUS, lying and dishonest, plain FOOLISHNESS will not be considered, because it is only rational for me to believe and assert that what I see and touch [which, in fact, does exist and exists according to consistent and obvious properties of phenomena] must be acknowledged AND complied with if I am to not hurt myself and be blamed for hurting myself (or others) by disregarding my surroundings and pretending they do not exist.

For me, and all non-insane people like me, what exists and what I perceive exists were brought into being by some Entity. Put into a Biblical format, what has been created did NOT create itself [which should be even marginally understandable to anyone with even a smidgen of a developing brain] but instead was [obviously] created by a 'Creator.' Everything designed has a Designer [again: obviously]. And there is [obviously] 'design' most everywhere I and you look.
Anyone who disagrees with what I just said is not worth talking to, and is dangerous to associate with - being that the ultimate end of such a one is painful self-destruction and suicidal annihilation.

So, some Creator originally conceived me, using the temporal erotically-functioning external and internal body parts of my parents. In doing so, this Creator (who I will term a greater-than-myself Divinity) not only brought me into non-solicited existence but also contexted my existence into a non-asked-for seamless integration with HIS environment (which, to repeat: I did NOT ask for) into which HE placed HIS body I am presently enclosed in.

Relating to that, I have responded and will inevitably continue to respond pertaining to what I think about that. As you have and will. As all have and will.

First of all, my response is to acknowledge the existence of not only the Creator but what He has created. If your response is otherwise, please stop bothering civilized society and do us a favor by ignoring yourself to the point of self-inflicted termination - being that you are a first-class anti-moral imbecile and promptly deserve a most frightening and excruciating death possible.

Secondarily, my response is to acknowledge 'God's' OWNERSHIP of His environment and His body I am enclosed in of which I am merely a temporary caretaker. If that seems like an unfair and injust 'imposition' you are of all people most to be pitied and on the broad and easy road to well-deserved eternal damnation.

Thirdly, my response - in view of the generally-accommodating nature of the phenomena God has created (taking everything I can into account as I see it) - is that the Creator is BENEVOLENT. Thus, if there is ever a problem with my body or the environment (and there frequently is) I consider it either my fault or the fault of an adversarial created entity. But it is never ever God's fault.

Has the LORD (i.e. God, the Creator) therefore forced me to acknowledge His existence and benevolence? No.

He has made known to me The Explanation: the KJV / RSV / NASV / etc. Operating Manual for Humans to Live Happily and Contented, and has installed in all of us a working and potentially-efficient Operating System. That is not an 'imposition' of tyrannical oppressive coercion, but rather a silent, benign, elegantly-gentle establishment and endowment of HIS favor for us.

Is such a revealed Word-of-God/Holy-Bible Instruction Manual superior to any different suggestions, theories, religions, irreligion, philosophies, alterations, additions, subtractions, concoctions which any other entity can impose (not provide)?
Trial-and-error attempts at substitute replacements have always been LETHAL, and by faith it is assumed (not presumed) that any other ones will [ultimately] be disasterously fatal.