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Behind The Waterfall

**You are walking through the dark forest,looking for some oasis.You take the wrong way and it gets darker and you hear a trickling sound.Yo uare very thirsty and you run near the trickling sound**

--A young male wolf steps in front of you-- "Hi,I'm Sheshoa,Alpha Male of this pack for teen wolves.Have a drink"

--By Sheshoa's side another wolf pads up,female-- "I'm Spacey,Alpha female of this pack"

--Another young wolf,male with only 3 legs ,pads up to you-- "I am Anakin,Sub-Ordinate Alpha Male of this pack.Do not be alarmed,this place is safe...sometimes"

--Another wolf,right by Anakin,which is female,runs up to you--"Hello,I'm Moon-Fire ,Sub-Ordinate Alpha Femme of this pack.Have Fun!"

--A pair of young wolves trot up to you,male and female--

--the male speaks-- "Hello..."

--the female speaks-- "I am Zara,Beta Female of this pack,And the other is Steel,Beta Male.The only rule for you from me is to STAY OFFA MAH ROCK!!!"

It is Fall

::You Must Obey::

~Sheshoa~Is mates with Spacey

~Spacey~ Is mates with Sheshoa

~Anakin~Is mates with Moon-Fire

~Moon-Fire~ is mates with Anakin~

~Steel~is mates with Zara

~Zara~is mates with Steel

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Wolves to see,Places to go,Things to do

A Couple Rulez to Remember
Hunting Grounds
Pup Playground
Mating Grounds..*~*~*Feel the love *~*~