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Instructional DVD & Posters
Order Instructional DVD & Poster
Poster-Graphic Design Chart ...$10.00

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Poster-Haircut & Style Chart...$10.00

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DVD-Art of Designs & Graphics ...$29.95

BarberZone Clothing

Apparel with the Barber & Stylist in Mind

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KoolTouch 7oz...$13.00
Foaming Antiseptic Aftershave

*First Aid Cleanser
*Wound Care Treatment
*FDA Approved
*Kills 96% MRSA
KoolTouch Foaming Antiseptic Aftershave

Kiti Kiti Products
Scalp & Skin Care Treatment System

*Bumps from Close Clipper Cuts
*Razor Bumps from Shaves
*Excessive Dandruff & Dry Scalp
*Keyloids & Scalp Bumps
*Relaxer Burns
Kiti Kiti-Scalp & Skin Care Products

Xotics Products

Sweet Jamila & Shave Therapy
Its aint Nothing but Juices and Berries...
Get Some Today!!!

Xotics Product Sizes and Prices

Pro Grips
*Reduces Heat
*Reduces Vibration
*Prevents Moisture on Hands
*Prevents Damage of Dropped Clippers
*Special Grip for Precission Cutting

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