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Foaming Antiseptic Aftershave

Soothes the skin aftershaving and hairline edging.
Prevents knicked bumps from infection.
Kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds.
Even helps keep kids happy when trimming their hairline

About KoolTouch
We’re created a maximum-strength, FDA-approved, Class 1 Antiseptic Sanitizer that forms an invisible shield against most types of bacteria including MRSA which is becoming more common in sports teams and barber shops.
MRSA is very hard to treat once an infection gets started, but use KoolTouch on your clients and they’ll be protected.
Spread the soft foam on your hands and apply to the beard, scalp, or hairline and let dry. In the shop, spread foam on neckstrip then apply to hairline, neck area, beard or scalp.
If you simply squirt foam in hand and allow to dry, your hands become santizing leaving invisible antiseptic areas on anything you touch...including scissors and combs.

How Does KoolTouch Protect My Shop & Stylists?
Everyone’s heard of people getting infections from poorly-kept nail salons but did you know you can get a Staph infection from a line-up? When you use a straight razor on skin, it’s exposed to bacteria in the air. KoolTouch acts like an invisible shield keeping bacteria away until raw skin can heal.

KoolTouch Promo

Foaming Antiseptic Aftershave

*First Aid Cleanser
*Wound Care Treatment
*FDA Approved
*Kills 96% MRSA
KoolTouch Foaming Antiseptic Aftershave