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Need a Good Haircut or New Barber?
Quality Professional Barbering services for the whole family... not only haircuts but also eyebrow arching, facial massages & more.
I cut ALL types of hair... Hair has no Nationality, Race, Religion, Social nor Economic Status.

This site allows you to:
*Preview My Work
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*Directions & Much More...

Hope to See You Soon.
Have A Blessed Day!

Chevez M. Moman

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Welcome to To MASTER in this Trade of Barbering(the oldest legal profession around)one must be able to enter the BarberZone...
The State of Mind where hair and the desired style is the only thing that matters...
Where Experience meets Creativity...
Where the head is used like canvas displaying works of hair art...
Where clippers are tools of percision producing creative works of walking art...
That is achieved by combining God Given Abilties & Inspiration,Creativity, Shop Experience, Education, Quality Customer Service, Personality and Speedy Service

Hello World, It's ya man Chevez(Choppy)...Master Barber, CEO, Platform Artist, Educator, Motivational Speaker & Internet Talk Show Host
from the SouthSide of Columbus, Ohio.
I've been blessed with the God Given ability of making people look and feel better about their life situations with a Good Haircut, Positive Uplifting Conversation and a Listening Ear...
In other words "Come Get Your Head Right!"

Welcome to my page where My Razor is Keen, My Shears are Sharp and All My Clippers are Crispy... Those are the Tools of my Trade which I use everyday(except Sunday & Christmas) to display my Unique Tonsorial Skills. My skills are displayed for the world underHaircut & Styles(Check my work...I'm Nice). Feel free to let me know how you feel about my work at I'm working on doing big things here in Columbus, Ohio and also ready to display my skills in your area. Learn more about Me and my experience click on "My Bio".

#ComeGetYourHeadRight @
Grooves Barber & Beauty
6533 East Livingston Ave.
(in Blacklick Plaza by Reynoldsburg HS)
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 7am-8pm
Closed on Sunday
Appointments Strongly Advised
New Clients & Walk-in Welcomed

Upcoming Events

Community Services
Central State University

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Barber Love!!!

Respect, Love & Appreciate your Barber. We keep you looking and feeling Good, show us some Love(gratuitity is appreciated but partonage is preferred).

Peace and Blessings From the Barbers` Blade.

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