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Both this roleplay and layout were made by me, Travis Hall, for the Exiled Wrestling Federation, and shall not be used for any other purpose than that. If I find out that you have stolen my layout, and are using it for yourself, there shall be consequences to pay. If you don't believe me, go ahead and test your luck. If you wish to use this layout, instant message me: baconsubstance23 (AIM), and maybe I will grant you permission.

Record: 0-0-0

Roleplay Title: The Peep's Champion!

The scene opens as an extremely large limo pulls into the Exiled Wrestling Federation Parking lot. Two nearby security officers notices this disturbance, and take a few steps forward as the limo drives to a hault. The door opens and below it two heavily polished shoes appear, and above the door, Christian slowly rises up. He steps away from the limo, and shuts the door behind him as he gazes upon the building.

Christian: Are you sure this is the place?

Christian turns to the driver of the limo, who is carrying all of his luggage.

Limo Driver: This is the "Entrance to Exile" building.

Christian shakes his head in dissapointment.

Christian: What a dump. I would have at least expected some fans or something. But I can't here anything.

The two security officers step forward. Christian turns to them and grins.

Christian: You two must be a couple of Christian's peeps! You want an autograph?

The two security offices turn to each other, then back to Christian.

Officer #1: Peeps? I'm not no peep. Who are you anyways?

Christians mouth falls agape as he stares at the two security officers.

Christian: Excuse me!? You don't know who I am!!?

Officer #1: Nope, and I can't let ya in without a pass.

Christian takes off his shiny new glasses and securily places them in his shirt pocket.

Christian: I'm sorry but umm.. You're going to let me in rather you like it or not....

Christian balls his fist and nails the first security officer in the gut. Then he takes his knee, and drives it into his face knocking him to the ground with a bloody lip. The second security officer puts Christian in a sleeper hold and tries to wear him down. Christian takes his head and snaps him over his shoulder. He picks him up and executes an Unprettier on him.

Christian gets up, dusts himself off and takes his luggage from the limo driver. He then pays him and walks into the building as the camera view fades to a commerical break.

..:::Commercial Break:::..

As the scene fades back in, a blurry shot of Christian slowly comes into focus as he walks down a corridor. As he turns a corner, he nearly walks right into Chad Bordeaux.

Chad Bordeaux: Hey, watch where you're---

Before he finishes his sentance, the frown on his face turns upside down as he realizes he is facing Christian.

Chad Bordeaux: Christian! Just the superstar I wanted to see. So, was there really a bomb on board your airplane?

Christian: No, there was no bomb. But I don't see why they didn't let Kric Kronic or I go. They searched the whole plane 7 times, and there was no bomb.

Chad Bordeaux: Well that had to suck. So tell me, how do you feel now that your place in the Intercontinental tournoment is gone?

Christian frowns.

Christian: It sucks.. It sucks ass. But the Intercontinental Title means nothing to me now. There is however, a different title I have been keeping my eye on for quite some time now. Any guesses?

The grin on Chad's face now reaches from ear to ear.

Chad Bordeaux: The Exiled Title?

Christian shakes his head in a "nope" answere.

Chad Bordeaux: The World Title!?

Now Christian is grinning from ear to ear.

Christian: Bingo.

Chad Bordeaux: No offense or anything, but Christian, you suck too much ass to win the world title.

Christian grabs Chad by his shirt coller an throws him up against the wall and holds him there.

Christian: Think you're funny do ya!? Well I'll show you, I'll show everyone what Christian can really do. Suck ass do I? We'll see.

Christian lets Chad go and he falls to the ground, shocked of what had just happened.

...::Commercial Break::...

The camera fades in to see the enormous arena, filling in with fans to start the show. AK is the only announcer at the time being, so apparently Chad Bordeaux is still in shock.

Suddenly, the lights dimmen and sparks start flying from the top of the titantron. The fans stop what they are doing to see what will happen next.

Few seconds later, music starts playing "Christian! Christian! At last, your on your o-o-o-o-oooooown!!!!". All the fans start immidiately booing as Christian comes out on stage with a microphone and a look to kill on his face.

Christian: Well I'm happy to see all my wonderful peeps out here to root me on in my upcoming match at Entrance to Exile. Even know I don't know who my opponent is, I'm sure you all will be with me no matter what! Right!!?

The crowd boos even louder.

Christian: I knew I could count on you guys!! Now, to explain why I'm out here. As I just said, I have a match at the upcoming first pay per view of the year: Entrance to Exile. I don't know what type of match, nor do I know who my opponent is. So, I would like to ask President Seth to come out here and inform me on my upcoming match....

The scene fades as Christian waits for President Seth......

Titles: None Yet

Achievements: None Yet

Foe's: ---

Friend's: ---

Rp#: 01

Unprettied: None Yet

Next Match: ???

Show: PPV-Entrance to Exile

Opponent(s): ???