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1970 Dodge Charger

Auto on the colum, power steering, power brakes, and I forget if it has a/c. From what i saw when i did see it, it will need the bottom window edge on the rear window to be welded, its got some rust holes on the edge only. The taillight area has some rust and may need a replacement or some work to fix it. The right rear quarter panel on the very bottom is rotting, it will need new metal welded in place, about 3 inches... The interior is all there but will need a freshing upand i plan to replace all the cloth and vinal. The frame rails and floors are near mint so thats a good thing to start with, and the engine bay is very good shape. the hood is rotting from underneath and it will need a replacement and the bumper and grill are missing even if there on the pic. I found the car on the dodge charger website(check the link below) and there are 2 owners, hey bought the car for parts, one guy took the grill and bumper, the other guy took the 383 motor. I plan to do a full frame off rebuild and resto and some high preformance work, as this is a bottom of the line model so i wont have any major regrets about changing it around from factory orginal, it is only a 318 car too, im getting a 318 and 904 tranny both needing rebuild with the deal. But i may get my hands on a 383 for free not too far down the road... And yes for anyone who notices this is the car from fast and the furious.

Best Website Ever!

I got my car at this site.