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Forensics Evidence

Evidence Used in Twelve Angry Men

JUSTICE. What exactly is justice? There are many meanings in the dictionary under the word justice. But I think the one that most accurately describes it is: the establishment or determination of rights according to the law or equity. Additionally, conformity to truth, fact, and reason : CORRECTNESS. That's what everything is about right? Putting away the bad guy and letting the innocent free. Innocent until proven guilty. In the past, juries didn't have much evidence to help them decide the case like we do today in the present. In the story, Twelve Angry Men, the jury only had three objects to help them decide the case and that was pretty much it. It was all physical evidence too, the rest they had to think up all on their own. It was difficult to decide a case back then because of the lack of evidence so therefore; it took a long period of time for the case to be solved. In today's world though it's a completely different story. There is so much technology that is now used. There is finger-printing, ballistics testing, DNA testing, and even computer-modeled crime scenes. It is much more easier to solve a case now given all the technology that we now are able to use.

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