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essays and writings.

a collection of selected political/spiritual/everything else essays and other writings of mine.
this puts me one step closer to writing a book of my essays and other writings :) I suppose I'll do it when I'm 5o or 70 or so... when I have a whole lot more writings and have accomplished more and am a bit wiser ;) though it would be cool to have a book of political essays at 20 years old...

"sometimes the pen flows it's own course"

STOP BUSH. THE WAR IS EVIL. This site is to spread the true message about George W Bush. He is a liar, thief, and murderer. This war is evil and must be stopped. This is not a "war on terrorism." it is a war on people. This country was not attacked because others envy our freedom and democracy. This country was attacked because our government has been treating them like they aren't even human beings. This is a war for oil. The troops giving their lives are not giving their lives for freedom and democracy.they're giving their lives so the big business and government tycoons can have their cheap oil. but they're going to drill in this country and destroy all the endangered, pristine wildernesses. All war is evil. War is not about fighting for fights or freedom anymore. it's about money. it's about dying for money in the hands of the few and the stinking rich. and of course the rich and government don't give any of it back to the people. the purpose of this site is to spread the message! We are against Bush and his administration. We must dissent! They must know that the American people, let alone people all over the world, will not stand for this awful war! show this site, spread its message, to everyone you know! I want as many people as possible to see this site! I want Bush and his lackeys to see it! If you see this, you will be stopped! We decent human beings will not stand for this! We've been lied to and shipped off to die for your oil and your money. We will not tolerate it anymore! Stop what you're doing! See the evil of your ways! Bush, you claim to be Christian. What would Jesus do?! What would God want you to do? How many wars did Jesus start? GOD IS LOVE! JESUS IS LOVE! JESUS IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE! GOD WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS! Please, please, Mr. President... stop this evil war. stop sending your own people to die, or at least let the people know why you're REALLY sending them off to die. I try to see good in all people... I try to see that we are all beings of love and light. I have faith that Bush and company will come 'round, will see the light. I pray that people will see the evil of our ways. I pray that the fighting and killing doesn't have to continue. I can't understand why people have to continue dying. But I know it will turn out all right. Krishna and Radha/God/Jehovah/Yahweh/Shiva, Vishu, Brahma/Allah/Goddess and God/our collective unconscious loves us. We can stop the murdering and hatred. We will love each other as ourselves... we are each other. we are the world. we are the universe. we are all the same... we are God. We have the power and love deep within to stop this insanity! PLEASE... everyone... pass on this site... pass along the message of love... we don't have to kill to be patriotic. Questioning the government is patriotic... our forefathers expected us too. Please... open your hearts and minds... LOVE. make love not war. Tell Bush we will not stand for this. I have faith in people yet... we can do this together. 11 January 2002