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welcome to AUM.
AUM is the sound/vibration which was there when the Universe was created...
In the Beginning, there was the Word. the Word is AUM.
AUM is God. AUM is the Holy Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, Siva. [or Michelle's and my rendition: BVS... AUMBVS... which just happens to be AUM Above US]...
AUM is your Breath.
in the chanting of AUM you will find your Self, , your God Self [Atman and Brahman] and all Salvation.
in AUM you will find Solace... you will find Love and Peace... you will find GOD.
AUM. Salvation is Created.
AUM IS whatever You want it to Be. You are GOD.

welcome to my website, which is called AUM, because it stands for what I believe in.

I am still working on this site... right now, I have two blogs: a main one; and one dedicated to documenting my experiences with the government spying on me and others. I have a section with my political and spiritual writings; a section dedicated to unearthing lies and conspiracies and showing how the whole universe is interconnected by weird "coincidences" that I've experienced that shows to me this connectedness; a section with links [essays or people of interest, political, spiritual, musical links, etc] and cliques; a section about me [and my girlfriend/fiance Michelle :) because she's such a huge part of a life... she's part of me.]; and I guess that's about all.

the characters on the right side of the page are links to the different sections of my site. the character is AUM... or OM. it's Sanskrit, a very ancient and sacred language from India... today it's spoken as Hindi, and even some English words come from Sanskrit, and many words are well known by most english speakers [Mantra, Karma, Nirvana, etc]. there are three characters that make AUM... A for Brahma, U for Vishnu, and M for Siva... the holy trinity. they represent three aspects of the Godhead... and also they are, respectively, Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer of the universe.
so that's what AUM means... it's also believed to be the sound which was uttered by Brahman [God] when the universe was created, and the natural sound of our breath is OM... it's the most sacred word and it is believed Enlightenment and Salvation can be found in the Word alone, because the Word is everything... it is AUM. when you see people chanting and meditating, you'll hear "OM"... Buddhists, Hindus, and others. AUM is special, and AUM is AUM.

so, with that, enjoy the site... basically it's here so I can keep tabs with myself, so to speak... to recognise good things I do, and also the bad things, to help me change. I openly display some of the shit I do on the blog, to the public, but mostly for myself. this website is also aimed to help illuminate the world on issues I feel most people are purposely kept in the dark about.

so good luck to you in life... I hope this website helps you in some way, and you find it pleasant... good luck in your Journey, whatever that may be. May your Dreams be realised and your Inner Happiness and Peace and Compassion be found... May you find God or Whom/Whatever you seek. Peace, Love, and Harmony to you and to all Beings everywhere. God Bless and Keep You.

"God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole."
--- Sri Ramakrishna