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In this section of the site I will document conspiracies that I've learnt of, witnessed, and discovered, and help uncover the lies the government, business, and others are feeding the general public.

our country is quite free... there are many things we can do here that we can't in many other countries... but the US is becoming more and more like those other countries we claim we're so much better than because of our freedom...
You are FREE, America, to do what we tell you. You are FREE, America, to do what we tell you.
we're entering an era much like the McCarthy Era.. somewhat like the Vietnam War era... but with much less advantage on the side of the true patriots, those striving to be truly free. racism abounds in police forces, protestors are teargassed, beaten, arrested... when all they're doing is excercising their constitutional rights... nonviolent demonstration and protest. A great example is the 99 Seattle WTO riots.

meat and dairy industries and the environment
meat and dairy are unhealthy. there are no "happy cows" as commercials claim. it's flat-out lying! animals raised for meat and dairy [with possibly a few exceptions to small family farms and true organic, free range farms [most "free range" farms aren't free range at all!], are treated like absolute shit. several animals are confined to the same tiny cages, with literally no space between them. meat is murder, and dairy is rape. that is the plain truth, and that is that. animals live awful, cruel, inhumane lives all over the the world. the meat and dairy industries pollute the environment, as well as our bodies. the industries are very much so subsidized by the government. without government subsidization, a hamburger would cost something like $30. rainforest is cut down for crazing land. human slaughterhouse workers are subjected to awful, inhumane conditions, as well.
animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or make them entertain us! any philiosophy or religion or code of ethics would not condone such inhumane animal slaughter and abuse and misuse.


there are lies perpetuated by the meat and dairy industries as well as the government most of education that most of us as accepted as truth, when they all very harmful lies. such high meat and dairy consumption is becoming the downfall of western, particularly american society. it's all over the studies and the news. obesity, cancer, heart attacks, etc, which can all be caused by meat and dairy.
besides all that... if you wouldn't eat your cat or dog, why would you eat a cow or pig? all animals and Beings have their own soul, their own life, and the Gift of Live given them by the Almighty, by GOD Herself/Himself. Why would you want to take that Gift away from an innocent creature so much like yourself? Please... think before your next meal. consider vegetarianism. it's really not as hard as it seems.
here are some quick links:
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media and free press
the media is part of the government/business cartel now... have you ever watched the news and really found out anything useful or important lately? protestors are beaten, the government is stealing and killing innocent civilians [our own and others]... is this stuff on the news?

it seems to me that sports in America is a way to distract the general, lame, sheepish public from things the government does, like going to unilateral war on small countries, enact laws like the USA Patriot Act that steal our constitutional rights in front of our very eyes, etc. it's like American Gladiators in the 80s and early 90s... they're events/programs designed to keep American busy as well as dumb us down so the government and business and screw up from behind while we're fully and consciously aware that there's something very large up our rears. tv in general does this.

plus billionares like Paul Allen tear down perfectly good stadiums, build brand new ones. we vote them down twice, but they build it anyway, making us waste our precious TAX DOLLARS to pay for these stupid stadiums that people like Paul Allen could easily finance several times just with the money that's burning holes in their pants' pockets. so our money is stolen, and these fancy stadiums [that end up not working and more money ends up being spent for it] are built so our precious little teams don't threaten to find another state to play in... and then the players are very greedy and are paid RIDICULOUS sums of money.. I've seen figures of 20+ million per year, when they do absolutely NOTHING for society... they make it worse. meanwhile, what about our nation's unemployed, lower class, and homeless? they're still... well... unemployed, lower class, and homeless. but Alex Rodriguez? [A-Rod to Seattle fans] threatens to leave the Mariners if he doesn't get the following: 12 year contract for 23 million/year, private jet and charter service, space to sell merchandise in every stadium, free hotels for his friends and family, etc. what about the poor, exploited people from his own home country? [one in Central American, don't remember which one...]

so this is my problem with sports, and my view the conspiracy behind it. my solution? evict the sports teams, give them all regular middle class jobs, and let the nation's homeless and "unfavoured" live there!

class[caste] system
this is cliched, but true: there is a class war in America... American society is divided up much like India's caste system. How do many Americans feel about homeless? they're the "dregs" of society... they feel the homeless should just "get a job"... they're essentially viewed as untouchables...

this is supposed to be a predominantly Christian society...


Here I will document weird coincidences that I've experienced, and try to connect them all together, in an attempt to show the interconnectedness of everything in the Universe.