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Major Projects


·        Taught instructional computing to DoDDS (Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools) system teachers in Germany, Spain, England, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Philippines, Japan, and Korea for two-week to month-long intervals

·        Published “On-the-job experiences of vocational administrators that develop leadership capabilities.” an article that was awarded Outstanding Article Award by the America Vocational Education Research Association

·        Completed the National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE) project on developing employment-related office technology skills, a study that was awarded the 2001 National Independent Research Award by Delta Pi Epsilon

·        Employed by Thomson/NETg working on evaluation systems for their online technology training systems

·        Participating as part of a joint University of Minnesota-Hong Kong Institute of Education team in a three-year College and University Affiliations Program (CUAP) project to support the development of civic, moral, and environmental educational materials

·        Serving National Vice President and President of Delta Pi Epsilon from 2002-2005

·        Wants to begin future work on e-commerce