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The Asylum rules are the rules set forth by Guild Medieval and must followed in order to remain a part of The Asylum of the Sun.



1. In order to maintain a safe and friendly environment, GM has constructed a list of rules which must be followed no matter which realm you play in. Failure to follow these simple rules, will lead to your expulsion from the community.

2. No cheating - You may cheat all you want in your private games, but when you play in any guild sanctioned game, it is strictly forbidden.

3. No hostility - No aggression towards any member whether it be in a game, chat or email will be tolerated. The only in-game aggression that is allowed is in "Friendly" duels and PVP matches in our ladders.

4. Respect other- Do not gloat, make fun of, pester, beg, or tease other members. We understand that friends like to tease each-other, but please be mindful of peoples feelings.

5. Be Mature - Maturity is not based on ones age, but on how they conduct themselves in the company of others. We do not mean you cant play around, just don't act like a brat

6. No discrimination - Sexism and racism will not be tolerated in any degree.

--Rules are from the About GM section of the Guild Medieval web site