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Guild Name E-Mail Address Account Name(s) Rank
Crazy_Hot Metllcafan / Crazy_Hot Lord
tee-emm tee-emm1-3 / tee-emmer Lord
Thor zzTHORzz Armorer
deadman DeadMan-BWV Baron
Kurrelgyre brhunter_atl Baron
Bloodstorm gmbloodstorm Knight
Jay Knight
Mystik mystik2 / crymsonmyst Knight
Phoenix_Heart kitanapaldne Knight
Soulwarden Soulwarden / Glyph_Trade Knight
Symbol Symbol Knight
xyst Knight
Rankings: The rank of "Baron" is a house-only rank and does not show up on the guild web site. Baron are those players deemed by the lord(s) of the house to have proven themselves by upholding the guild rules and house morals, by contributing to the running of the house and/or guild, by providing squire evaluation feedback, and/or by posting to the guild and house forums. You can not ask to be evaluated for the rank of "Baron", it is granted at the discretion of the Lord(s) of the house. If you feel a knight you have played with deserves the rank of "Baron", feel free to let the Lord(s) know this, but do not expect that your opinion alone will result in a promotion.