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Funny/Crazy/Happy/Sad Stories

The Mighty Chocolate bar

By: Sarah Rana from Waterloo, ON

(This is her dream. It is merely just a dream)

I was working in Tim Hortons and it was my first day on the job.  But I  had no training so I didn't know how to open the boxes in which I had to put the donuts in.  I went into the backroom and found a box filled with chocolate bars.  one came to life, it started talking to me.. I was so confused.  It was being so rude.  I got scared so I crushed it with my foot.  but when I unwraped it, it was once again a bar of chocolate, all in one piece.  I started to run, I ran outside Tim Hortons... but the chocolate bar was chasing me.. it said it was going to kill me.  I was so scared!  after a long hard fight... I ended up melting  it with a lighter. After that it was nothing but a stain on the ground.  I covered it with some dirt and then it was over... "thank goodness" I said to myself.  I walked back to Tim Hortons.  all the workers were inside.  I went inside and bought 10 donuts.  after work, donuts were 10 cents so I bought 10 for a $1.00.  Then we were all waiting for the bus and my friend Kelly was there but she was with another friend.  I said hi.. and she replied hi back.  but it was like she was embarrassed she had to talk to me.  I realized that it was because I looked like shit.  I was fighting with the chocolate bar that i looked SO bad! I said "sup?"     to her.. just to make conversation... she's like "what?" I repeated myself.. "sup?" "nothin" she replied.  I felt so bad cause I just got so dissed up.  until I saw a guy that I knew.. he was 23 and pretty hot.  His name was Ray.  He was such a  sweetheart.. he pulled over and asked me if I needed a ride home.  I got in the car.  Kelly's eyes lit up... and while we drove off... she yelled "Sarah, he's so hot!... you lucky Bitch!" I was feeling much better... when we got home, I offered him a donut.. he took the best one.  I smiled then i went inside my house.  (then I woke up!!)

- Ray is real... he is a hot 23 yr. old.
-kelly is real.. just that she is a really good friend.
-I am real.... just that im not scared of chocolate bars... lol

Dickie Moore

By: Sarah Rana and Gauri Gandhi (The Owner of this site)

(This is a true story)

My friend and I were walking home afterr sneaking out of the house to get a Sundae from McDonalds.  We passed a construction site.  The place where the construction workers went for a break was called 'Dickie Moore'.  Because we were hyper we started laughing.  My friend was like, "If you took the 'ie' off from Dickie and the one 'o' off of Moore, it would be Dick Mor, then if we switched them around, it would be More Dick!" Then I said to my friend, "Do you want more dick?????"


Ribs O' Pork

By: Sarah and Gauri

(This is..uh..a...very..true story) [face_embarrassed]

My friend and I were in the kitchen with my brother and we were trying to think of what to make for supper.  My brother pulled out the box that said, "Ribs O' Pork" on it.  Now, my friend is Muslim and can't eat pork.  So, it was just one of my moments I guess...but I asked my brother, "Is there pork in that cause Sarah can't eat pork."  My brother and my friend had a big laugh.  Damn...I'm gonna get them in one of their moments!!!!

Cliff hanger

By: Sarah Rana

(These characters are from the Soap Opera, "Passions"...and for all who watch it, this is the old Ethan)

...Ethan and Gwen were making out on a cliff.  Then Theresa comes and punches the living daylights out of Gwen.  Gwen falls off the cliff and a pole at the bottom pierces a hole through her back.  Ethan shrugs and walks away with Theresa.  (The making out continues somewhere else).  The baby is in one of those knapsack things on Theresa's back.



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