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About Me

Hello ya'll.  This is where I'll tell you about myself.  Well, why don't we get down to business, shall we? teehee.

My Mood:

Name: Gauri 

Nickname(s): Gaurpi, Gauri-chu, Gwar, G-Girl,  A_P, Cork...heh, well, those are all my nicknames.  Oh yeah, I can be known as the vertically challenged cause I'm so short. (Thank you Charlene) **sarcastic tone**, oh and now I got Baby Bear from Bev! But, alas, I still can bother her with 'Smerkal'! [face-evil] 

Age: 18

Birthday: December 7

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies/Interests: Surfing the Internet, downloading music, oh yeah, seriously CANNOT forget...STARWARS!!! Absolutely LOVE it! Well, duh; why would I have a site that is somewhat associated to it.  **smacks head**

Favourite Music Bands/Artists: Hmm...well, System of a Down, POD, Bruce Springsteen, Avril Lavinge, Eminem, Rammstein, some J-Rock (Thanks for that one Arielle), No Doubt, Nelly Furtado (she's ok), SUM 41, Weird Al (Only cause of his Star Wars songs...hehe), EVANESCENCE, Finger Eleven...etc etc etc...teehee. 

Favourite movies watched:  STARWARS (Obviously, ALL OF 'EM..heh), Moulin Rouge (Dang, can Ewan sing or can Ewan sing..hehe *swoon*), Life As A House (Mmm...Hayyyden..teehee *drools*) lol.  Sum of all Fears, Spaceballs, The Ewok Movies...etc etc etc. (As you can tell, I am a Movie person; I love movies.) Oh yeah, for Indian movies, there are a couple like, Lagaan, Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham, 

Movies that I have yet to watch: Just a couple, well, first off, Powerpuff Girls: The Movie, Minority Report, Lilo and Stitch, MIB2 and again there are probably more..heh. ;) 

Favourite English actors: Well, this is easy, hmm...Ewan McGregor(listening to him right now..heheheheh **swoon**), Orlando Bloom.

Favourite Indian actors/actresses: ( And, yes, I understand that some of you will probably think, 'What the?' lol! It's ok!): Well there's, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan ( Hah, all, But, there's also Hrithik Roshan.  For actresses, first off, Kajol, Rani Mukharejee. **And now goes to cousin and asks if the spellings are right** lol.



My Voice!

With "Lose Yourself"-Eminem in the background...can't you tell???

Just my old profile from the TF.N (JC) Boards

[i]Compliment from the best sock ever...[b]FS[/b] :x [/i]


"You are without a doubt, my candidate for [i]Cutest JCer[/i], because every time I see you I can't help but smile at your infectious happiness. You are a joy to those who get to speak to you, and I really am sorry that I never got the chance to run into you at SWC:II, but alas I did not know you were there, or I would've sought you out! :_| I think many people here would agree that you are among the nicest JCers they've talked to, so if they sometimes forget to tell you how much they appreciate you...don't be slighted, it's just slipped their mind :) " :8} Thanks [b]FS[/b]! :D
Anakin_Padme4ever - First off, you have a website which is instant cool! Your admiration for Hayden Christien is very evident! And one thing we both have in common is that we have not yet watched the Powerpuff Girls movie... I love Mojo Jojo!!! grin.gifYou live in Canada which is a pretty cool place (or pretty cool in a literal sense as in freezing! grin.gif) Just reading through some parts of your website I get the feeling that you're a very nice and easy going person! And your fanfiction is pretty good happy.gifGreat job!
My nickname from butt: Cutie (how sweet of him! :) )


Celebration III 2005![/color][/b][i][b][color=blue]

Outcasts going so far..[/color][/b][/i] :D :p

[ol][li]Anakin_Padme4ever(ME!!,Gauri)[/li][li]Sith Bane(Martin)[/li][li]JeagerGhent(Beth)[/li][li]Darth_Sidious990(Christian)[/li][li]Liana_Joppa(Sarah)[/li][li]Sword_Of_The_Jedi(Sam)[/li][li]jediknight88(Jason)[/li][li]The_Chim(Matt)[/li][li]NyghtFyre(Holly)[/li][li]Eva_Pilot04(Jon :O ;) )[/li][li]Jedi_Satimber(Shawn)[/li][li]WarmasterDan(Dan)[/li][li]FuimisMaximus(Max)[/li][li]skywalker325(Wendy)[/li][li]Dagobah1234(John)[/li][li]Dani_Maul(Dan)[/li] [/ol]

[b]Come join us![/b] :D



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