Reasons AIDS is so Common
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In Zambia, 68% of men in urban areas use condoms, but only 15% of men in rural areas use them.
WHY? -- Some couples are against them because they want to have babies. Others just aren't comfortable with them; they are thought of as unnatural. Also,
THEY AREN'T PROVIDED -- In some countries, only four condoms are provided for each man per year. There are six countries in which 17 are provided for each man, and for all other sub-Saharan countries to reach this number, 1.9 billion condoms are needed. This would cost $47.5 million, which is low compared to the enormity of the problem.

One of the most common myths that Africans have about AIDS is that if a person who is infected has sex with a virgin, he or she will be cured. This obviously creates a bigger problem. Certain customs and tradidtions that have been around for hundreds of years are hard to stop, even though they also contribute to the problem. One of these customs is the belief that a healer is just as effective as a medical doctor, so some people who are infected with HIV refuse to go to a hospital. Many young people in Africa simply do not believe that AIDS exists.

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