Prevention & Treatment
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Botswana leads the way in educational programs, and they also put up billboards and posters all over the country. Several other countries are now starting to realize that knowledge is the key to future prevention of AIDS.

Countries are also starting to provide voluntary counselling and testing for people who are HIV-positive or think they could be. There are many benefits; people will be tested and learn how to cope with the disease. It is also hoped that people who test negative will change their behavior and stop taking unhealthy risks. This program is becoming easier, cheaper, and more effective, so soon, even countries with poor economic systems will be able to take advantage of it.

Although a cure for AIDS has not yet been discovered, there are drugs that can somewhat control the infection. Antiretrovirals are drugs that are used to stop the replication of HIV in the body, and these drugs are becoming more available in Africa. However, they are unaffordable to most of the people who need them; a yearly supply of the drugs is likely to cost more than the average person makes in a year. This is why many people throughout the world are trying to help pay for some of the costs. For example, in 2000, Bill Gates pledged to donate $57 million over a period of five years to educate and treat the people of Africa.

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